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Maruti Mera Dosst, movie review
After the huge success of Hanuman, another film on Lord Hanuman is released - Maruti Mera Dosst which could have continued the trend of Hanumanji’s popularity. However this film targeted supposedly for the kids has been given a U/A Certificate. Not surprising, since the evil characters in this film have been given powerful roles and appear too scary. Maruti Mera Dosst is about Lord Hanuman and there are real life characters, witches and innocent little children. Two kids essaying central roles in this film which merges real characters with animation. It has some spectacular visual effects and computer graphics, but it just falls short of being impressive. Rameshwari (Ritika Shrivastava) is an innocent eight year old girl who lost her mother at birth is brought up by doting albeit naive father Kunwar Raghvendra Singh (Chandrachur Singh). She longs for nothing but a mother's love, ....
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Bad luck Govind, movie review
Bad Luck Govind is the story of an obsessive, compulsive, down on his luck, young man Govind (VJ Gaurav Kapur), who has somewhat of a mind-blowing disconnect with the higher powers of the universe. His bad luck is so strong that it immediately passes on to those around him. Badluck Govind movie review... Like, even cows stop producing milk when he walks by a 'tabela'. Even fresh milk instantly curdles when poured into a cup of tea, people fall of their bicycles, and such funny bad luck moments. Working in Delhi in a TV Channel as a production assistant, he gets fed up of his forever running bad luck and now heads to Mumbai to change his luck for the better. A hilarious natural incident with news anchor Mamta (special appearance Archana Puran Singh) lands Govind in Mumbai from his native Delhi, where the stage is now set for Bad Luck Govind, when six madcap underworld 'bhai' b ....
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Oh, my God, movie review
This film is about a common man, his aspirations, the dreams and his needs. Oh, my God! is a story of the line of balance that we choose to cross in attempt to pursue our ambitions. Rajendra Dubey represents the youth of today, who want to make it big in life through the right means. However, little do we realize that a lot of things in life are not in our control and the way we identify our opportunities in those circumstances is what makes us the people we are. All of us have asked God for help at various moments in our lives. What if God actually tried to help, but we were oblivious to his presence? Rajendra (Vinay Pathak) a simple salesman with big dreams, a have core Dhirubhai Ambani fan, comes from a middle class family who want to make it big in life but through ethical ways. He has a sweet, simple housewife, leads a good life, yet he overlooks all that he's got in life due ....
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Dostana, movie review
Its all happening in the Beach Party Capitol of the world... Miami is the setting for Dostana - serving a cocktail of all ingredients to do with friendship, fun frolic and that thing called Love... but with a slight twist – there’s a small cause of pretence to be Gay! Sameer (Abhishek Bachchan) in his early thirties was born and raised in London. He works as a male nurse at St. Steve's hospital. A goofy kind of guy, who yet has the ability to charm his way into anybody's life. Sameer is the man with the plan. Plans that he seldom thinks through its consequences. Kunal (John Abraham) is a guy in his early thirties. Tall, suave, confident and good looking who has this brooding quality about him that makes girls swoon over him, which he plays to his full advantage. He's a fashion photographer who is pretty straight edged, responsible and an organized man who has his life in order ....
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Memsahab, movie review
Memsahab is based on the cruel incidents post the 1984 riots between a section of Hindus and the Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of North India.. Ensuing these riots, the Sikhs were targeted by the hindu fundamentalists and several Sikh families were ruined. Yukta Mookhey plays the character of Anjali, who is a victim of the riots and is pushed into prostitution. This young girl Anjali’s mother is raped by the villains and her father is shot dead. What an horrifying impact would this have on the girl! This Anjali grows up with such traumatic memories of her childhood. The director seeks to portray reality by actually shooting in a few bye lanes of Kamathipura (a red light area in Mumbai), where Anjali is one of the many women indulging in flesh trade. Every night, this woman has a new ‘Sahab’. Some unexpected incidents take place and she stumbles upon the killers of her par ....
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