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404 - movie review
Now here is stylish paranormal drama - 404. We have a prime Medical Institution and a world renowned Professor. Like any other fresher, Abhimanyu (Rajwir Aroraa) gets admission into a medical school with usual hope and aspiration. Entering a medical college and he becomes a victim of ragging. 404 - movie review... The difference is that Abhimanyu’s senior, Chris (Imaad Shah) has given him the task to research the life and times of a student who committed suicide in the hostel. For doing this the new student shifts to the haunted room – room no: 404. Our brave chap Abhimanyu begins well and opts to live in the unoccupied, supposedly haunted room, but soon things get spooky. There is also a professor of psychiatry, Aniruddh (Nishikant Kamath) who is impressed with Abhimanyu's rationality and tenacity when he decides to dispel all rumours and moves into a room that has been forbi ....
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42 Kms movie review
42 Kms the hindi film showcases how in life, each one of us are always on the run. We run with different motives for different goals at different periods of our life. Some run for love, some for peace and others for money, or just for the fun of it. There is no escape from it. This film has 5 ordinary stories with different journeys and different destinations which appear unique in each sense - but same 42 kms to run! It is an inspirational journey of perseverance and personal triumph. 42 Kms, the film is a journey of 5 people from diverse backgrounds leading a happy life. There comes a situation, when their world collapses and circumstances in life force them to push their limits beyond their thoughts. It takes them to a level where they emerge victorious under adverse circumstances and shattered confidence. There is a 42 kilometers marathon run, and each of them has different ....
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