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Why? Death is Not Justice – short film will be an inspiration for dejected artists: Santosh Raj

Why? Death is Not Justice – The year 2020 has given us the most challenging times of our lifetime. The month of March brought the Corona pandemic to India which resulted in the lockdown being imposed across the country. This had paralysed lives of millions of Indians. The Television news channels had nothing to report except that of agony, loss of lives and the scare all around us. Why? Death is Not Justice – the short film is bound to inspire the depressed artistes in Bollywood.

Upcoming actor Santosh Raj who is also a producer of Why? Death is Not Justice said, “For the Bollywood industry, it came as a double punch. The shootings stopped overnight and thousands of families connected to the entertainment industry faced joblessness. So, first it was the agony of the Corona epidemic, then the mysterious circumstances around the suicide of Bollywood’s most promising actor Sushant Singh Rajput.”

2020 was truly disruptive for the country and the world, which has also broken the backbone of the Bollywood film industry which supports the livelihoods of thousands in the city of Mumbai and millions of others connected to the cinema halls, advertising agencies, painters, technicians and so on. During this period, most of the artistes who were jobless, managed to stay alive on meager means of livelihood. But there were others who chose the path of ending their lives – by committing suicide! Why? ‘Why? Death is Not Justice’  deals with this subject.

“Sushant Singh was a symbol by which the act of suicide was a bitter reality of Bollywood. The truth is because there are many artists in this story who like Sushant Singh can take the step of committing suicide at any time,” Santosh Raj mentioned.

Producer and actor Santosh Raj has penned the short story ‘Why- Death Is Not Justice!’ with the aim of alerting such desperate artists and getting them on the right path. Actor Rohit Rajawat has supported Santhosh Raj and is also playing a pivotal character in the short, as Santosh Raj’s friend.

“I think that it was very important for me to raise this subject in the kind of situation going on in the country and particularly in Bollywood. As an actor, I understand the pain of the actors, so I had to get ready to make a film on this issue to boost the morale of the artists who are going through dejection or depression,” Santosh says with an assurance that this film will inspire the downtrodden to live life anew and desperate artists will not go towards this destructive path.

Produced under the banner of Right Choice Entertainment, the film is directed by Lucky Hashmi.

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