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8x10 Tasveer, movie review
8x10 Tasveer has an interesting idea - that a guy can look at a photograph and travel back in time to when the photo was taken. The film is an exciting tale around a person Jai Puri (Akshay Kumar) who is naturally gifted with psychotic powers to peep inside people's past gazing through their photograph for a minute. But this power is very risky as it can even take his life after that dreadful minute. 8x10 Tasveer movie review... Jai is a forest ranger in the woods near Alberta, Canada and lives in a cabin with his girlfriend Sheila (Ayesha Takia). He has been estranged from his parents, Jatin Puri (Benjamin Gilani) and Savitri Puri (Sharmila Tagore). Jai’s father is the CEO of a privately held Canadian oil company whose oil exploration causes environmental damage, which is the cause of tension between father and son. When Jai's father dies due to an accident, one Inspector Mr. ....
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