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Hrithik, Deepika, Anil Kapoor ins Fighter
Opening with a spellbinding air stunt by Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania (Hrithik Roshan) that instantly impresses Squadron Leader Minal Rathore (Deepika Padukone), Fighter is a compelling watch right up-to the first half. With a mesmerizing air-combat sequence that is preceded with some awesome air maneuvers by the Airforce Pilots, Siddharth Anand's directorial venture comes up to the mark in the beginning. Anil Kapoor as the Group Captain Rocky is entrusted with the task of keeping the best of India's airforce pilots to their fighting best. Fighter promises excellent production values and captivating thrills in the sky. It definitely deserves appreciation for the effort to showcase the Indian Airforce as equally comparable to its counterparts of the west. Though the filmmaker makes it clear in it's disclaimer in the beginning that the film is a work of fiction, there are severa ....
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