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About FilmyTown and the Indian Film Industry

The Bollywood and its statistics

Over 1,000 feature films are produced annually in India including the regional language films. India has the distinction of being the country which produces highest number of feature films in a year.

Annually almost 250 HINDI FILMS are produced in and around Mumbai city (previously Bombay). Film lovers and now even international media now refer to it as Bollywood instead of the Bombay film industry. 

Bollywood, the US $3 billion-a-year industry. It is known for Hindi and Hinglish movies featuring elaborate music, costumes and sets. More than 3 billion cinema tickets are sold annually. The Indian film industry is clocking a growth rate of more than 10 % per year. As per statistics from an internationally reputed audit firm, it is expected to expand to a US $ 4 billion-a-year industry in 2018 / 2019..

About FilmyTown

We have created a Database of information on all newly released Bollywood movies / Hindi films which are released on and after 1 August 2007.

This enormous efforts of thousands of dreamers who put in their creativity make Indians proud to become the producer of largest number of feature films in the world!

FilmyTown is created specifically to give you complete details of each Hindi film released in India. It is our sincere effort to provide a clean review of a movie irrespective of any cast, director or production house.

The uniqueness of FilmyTown is that it gives complete information about the film. Information such as the synopsis of the newly released movie, story-line, original pictures along with cast and credits of that film.

At the present, we have more than  1,000 new Hindi movies reviewed in They are only those hindi feature films which have had a theatrical release in cinema halls of Mumbai. Several others films which do not fulfill the above criteria, have not been featured here.

CYPHER: Shunya Se Shikhar Tak – movie review

The site is a free resource for all movie fans seeking information on new Bollywood films and is managed by Pawan Gupta, Paresh B. Mehta and Deepak Sharma. They are supported by a dedicated team of writers, bringing daily / weekly updates on the Hindi Film Industry of India – Bollywood, the filmytown of India.

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