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Shaitan - movie review
Plot Outline ‘If you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much space ‘ the mantra that defines the youth of today. But what happens when the edge gives away. Shaitan movie review... Shaitan begins with real life like story about the lives of the affluent youngsters and brashness of their lives like a number of drunken driving cases that lead to fatal accidents and also about kidnapping of moneyed kids. This motion picture brings to the fore the shaitan that lurks within us. It is the story of 5 youngsters who come from wealthy but dysfunctional homes. They are friends and share same likes they are always high on cocaine and they speed through the streets of Mumbai in an expensive Hummer. Set in the urban-scape of Mumbai, the five friends - Amy, Dash, KC, Zubin and Tanya are young, intelligent, good looking and ‘uber cool’. With no hang ups and no boundaries, ....
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No smoking movie review
The movie begins with the hero K (John Abraham) having nightmares. He is a heavy smoker and an unapologetic one at that because he's a stubborn and obnoxious guy, who does exactly what he wants His disgruntled wife Anjali (Ayesha Takia) is fed up with his habit and is all set to leave him. The trouble begins and we have K, in his bathtub, having a surreal dream of being lost in Siberia without his cigarettes. No Smoking review read further... "What do you want for our anniversary?" asks the arrogant husband admiring himself smoking, while his wife looks though him and utters- "Divorce". Want a cure to divorce? The better quit smoking. The movie has parallels to "Kafka" and Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List". Hallucinogenic images are portrayed amidst a deluge of cryptic dialogues. The narrative plays a dismaying mind-game where the smoker-hero gets trapped in a sewage underbell ....
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Nanhe Jaisalmer movie review
The protagonist of this film is a ten year old - Nanhe Jaisalmer and his idol – Bobby Deol. Nanhe Jaisalmer is set in the desert city of Jaisalmer, the story encompasses a short period in Nanhe’s life where he learns his life’s most important lessons from the person who he deems most important – his friend, Bobby Deol. Nanhe lives in Jaisalmer with his mother, Suman (sister) and Raja (the camel) and earns his livelihood as a tourist guide who arranges camel safaris. He is an enterprising boy who speaks four foreign languages without being literate. Nanhe’s mother has brought up the two children single handedly and while Suman took an interest in her studies Nanhe runs away from it. Nanhe believes that one goes to school to learn means to earn a livelihood, in his case he is already earning so going to school is an unnecessary exercise. Nanhe entertains all the tourists ....
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