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Nanhe Jaisalmer – movie review

Emotional story of two individuals from different worlds


Nanhe Jaisalmer movie review

The protagonist of this film is a ten year old – Nanhe Jaisalmer and his idol – Bobby Deol. Nanhe Jaisalmer is set in the desert city of Jaisalmer, the story encompasses a short period in Nanhe’s life where he learns his life’s most important lessons from the person who he deems most important – his friend, Bobby Deol.

Nanhe lives in Jaisalmer with his mother, Suman (sister) and Raja (the camel) and earns his livelihood as a tourist guide who arranges camel safaris. He is an enterprising boy who speaks four foreign languages without being literate.

Nanhe’s mother has brought up the two children single handedly and while Suman took an interest in her studies Nanhe runs away from it. Nanhe believes that one goes to school to learn means to earn a livelihood, in his case he is already earning so going to school is an unnecessary exercise.

Nanhe entertains all the tourists and his friends but his sole entertainment is his friendship with the actor, Bobby Deol. As a baby, Nanhe had appeared briefly in a shot with Bobby Deol for a film and since then Nanhe and he are friends. As he grows up, Bobby Deol continues to be his idol and influences his thoughts and actions.

Nanhe keeps Bobby Deol updated on his life’s happenings through letters that he gets his sister to write at the end of each day. He avidly watches all his films that are shown locally. Nanhe follows all the news concerning the actor through his friends who read him snippets from the newspapers. Till one day when he finally hears that Bobby Deol is coming to Jaisalmer for a film shoot.

Nanhe is ecstatic to hear that he will finally be able to spend time with his friend and get to know him better. As he is returning from a camel safari one day, he meets with Bobby Deol who recognizes him instantly. This marks the turning point in the film where Bobby Deol’s friendship with this young boy changes not only his outlook but his entire life.

Nanhe Jaisalmer’s story unfolds with Bobby Deol and Nanhe together in various situations where Bobby Deol’s words of wisdom help Nanhe overcome various obstacles. Bobby Deol teaches Nanhe to stand up for himself, Bobby Deol makes him realize the true worth of his family and most importantly he makes Nanhe understand the importance of education and Nanhe decides to start attending school. All of this is only possible after his meeting with Bobby Deol.

This story of two friends from two different worlds is an emotional, yet entertaining film which is intended at a multi-level audience. Bobby Deol and his own ways teach Nanhe the facts of life become the central part of the film.

The film Nanhe Jaisalmer examines a wide range of emotions displayed by Bobby Deol and lessons learnt by Nanhe Jaisalmer from his perspective as a child. It also underlines the fact that any lesson that is taught by the person one idolizes stays fresh all our lives.


Bobby Deol, Prateeksha Lonkar, Sharat Saxena, Bina Kak, Dwij Yadav, Rajesh Vivek, Rushita Sing, Vivek Shauq, Sukhwinder Chahal, Aadil Rana, Lokesh Pandit, Sudhir Kumar, Karan Arora, Vikrant Thakur, Amrish Sharma, Arun Kumar, Vatsal Seth Production Manager : Bhiva Saloskar Production Assistants : Lalit Sharma, Venkatesh Gowda Assistant Directors : Ashish Kathpal, Rohan A. Bajaj, Ranjit

Produced by: K.Sera Sera, Dharma Motion Pictures
G.M. Production : Suresh Savlani
Line Producer : Jaswant Khera & Bashir Sayyed
Project Designer : Komesh Rohira & Rajiv Malhotra
Chief Assistant Director : Aseem Arora
Production Controller : Leo Max Fernandez
Bobby Deol’s Costume : Tanya Deol
Art Director : Sunil Nigvekar
Choreographer : Piyush Panchal
Sound Design : Leslie Maggie Fernandez & Creative Sound Design
Editor : Sanjay Sankla
Story : Samir Karnik & Eklavya Singh Bhati
Screenplay : Samir Karnik, Eklavya Singh Bhati & Asim Arora
Dialogues : Aseem Arora & Samir Karnik
Lyrics : Sameer
Background Score : Monty
Music : Himesh Reshammiya
Director Of Photography : Binod Pradhan
Executive Producer : Top Angle Productions
Visual Effects & Di : Avitel Studios
Promos : Edit Box
V.P. Finance : Amar Panghal
Financial Adviser & C.A. : Anil Sekhri (Top Angle)
Accountant : Sanjeev Pandey (Top Angle)
Publicity Stills : Zahir Abbas Khan
Publicity Design : Himanshu & Rahul Nanda
Film Processed At : Adlabs
Mixing Engineer : Leslie Maggie Fernandez (Flavers Film Mix)
Nanhe Jaisalmer, movie review