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Rabia and Olivia movie review
A nine year old mentally stressed child Olivia after losing her mother suffers from night terror disorder and as she is being put on heavy medicines this kid has become aggressive. What she probably needed was a nanny who can take care of her as a mother. Rabia and Olivia movie review... Aware that her family is in debts to that extent that her mother is contemplating to sell of their house, the gritty Rabia reaches to Canada with dreamy hopes of exploring the opportunities there with her graduate degree. Without any legal status who has to bother about her sustainence and rent that is due every single day. Rabia gets the job as a nanny for Olivia on recommendation from a friendly Indian who recommends her name to the distressed child's single dad. While speaking to her mother back in India, Rabia learns that love is more powerful than any medicing in the world. This 9 year old gir ....
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Khela Hobe movie review
Khela Hobe is thriller that is directed by Sunil C Sinha, that begins as a drama which turns into a thriller when a single woman Shabbo (Mughda Godse) who avenges the atrocities imposed upon her family by the village Thakur. This could probably be the last film that veteran actor Om Puri has been featured and it has the glam girl Mughda Godse playing the simple woman small town, yet in a pivotal character in the story. Khela Hobe is set in a small town in Benaras and is all about the patriarchial society that still exists in several part of the interiors of our country. The narrow mindset of the locals, their attitude about the single woman Shabbo who runs a Beauty parlour and the superficial family values intertwined along with the hollow relationship of the locals and the powerful in this sleepy town are portrayed in this drama. Given an opportunity, the single woman Shabbo wh ....
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Main Raj Kapoor Ho Gaya movie review
The film Main Raj Kapoor Ho Gaya revolves around Raj (Manav Sohal) and Suman (Arshin Mehta) who have a happy marriage until an unfortunate incident takes place and claims Suman’s life, forcing Raj to become an alcoholic a la Devdas. The film is about a man who, despite being born in a world full of hoggish beliefs, chooses to live a life of truth and honesty and believes in the fact that God created everyone as equals. In a strange turn of events, one fateful night, his mundane life turns upside down when he shelters and protects a woman (Nazia Hussain) from goons. From now onwards a strange relationship develops wherein she is not able to recollect anything from her past and he who desperately wants to forget his past. Though music by Vilyui Goswami is the saving grace of the film which has predictable plot and illogical development of its screenplay by the actor-producer-direc ....
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