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Rabia and Olivia – movie review

Emotional bonding of a motherless child and her nanny


Rabia and Olivia movie review

A nine year old mentally stressed child Olivia after losing her mother suffers from night terror disorder and as she is being put on heavy medicines this kid has become aggressive. What she probably needed was a nanny who can take care of her as a mother. Rabia and Olivia movie review…

Aware that her family is in debts to that extent that her mother is contemplating to sell of their house, the gritty Rabia reaches to Canada with dreamy hopes of exploring the opportunities there with her graduate degree. Without any legal status who has to bother about her sustainence and rent that is due every single day.

Rabia gets the job as a nanny for Olivia on recommendation from a friendly Indian who recommends her name to the distressed child’s single dad. While speaking to her mother back in India, Rabia learns that love is more powerful than any medicing in the world. This 9 year old girl had lost her mother a couple of years back and since then the kid finds it difficult to adjust to her life with the loss of her mom and she has been constantly put on sedatives by her doctor. As a result, she remains in a very aggressive and agitated mood all throughout the day and hence most of her caretakers (nannies) have left their jobs as they were unable the pressure of handling her.

What is striking about Rabia and Olivia is that Rabia’s mother recalls how she singlehandedly brought up Rabia and her brother when they were kids and had lost their father. Rabia learns a lot about the psychology of a girl child which is drawn parallel to her childhood when she too felt feared at certain times.

The bonding of Olivia and Rabia develops and Olivia gradually becomes fond of her nanny and for Rabia, she found another reason to stay around in this foreign country. The erratic and stubborn child finds a friend in her nanny and the kid shows signs of improving in her behaviour with turning out more understanding towards life. Rabiya’s participation in Olivia’s life gradually proves to be miraculous as under Rabiya’s care, Olivia’s condition shows remarkable improvements and she starts becoming a much peaceful, happy and bright child.

Rabia finds out that the medicines prescribed to the child were harmful to the kid in the long run and hence put a halt to it. This is unacceptable to the child’s father and her doctor and Rabia lands into legal trouble in this foreign country leading to the charges of child neglecence being filed upon her.

Shadaab Khan who earlier made BA Pass 2 explores a different territory of the psychological bonding between the girl child and her nanny in Rabia and Olivia. The song Ae zindagi ruk to zara, ae zindagi tham to zara has been creatively shot amid the daily lifestyle of the Canadian city.

Duration : 1 Hour 25 Mins (95 minutes)
Platform: Disney Plus Hotstar

Cast of Rabia and Olivia:
Nayab Khan as Rabia
Helena Prinzen Klague as Olivia
Sheeba Chadha as Rabia Mother
Mustafa Sheikh as Moosa.
Afroz Khan as Naser Bhai
Shadab Khan as Ishaan

Credits & Crew of Rabia and Olivia
Banner: Synchron Entertainment
Produced By: Yousef Sheikh
Co Producer Tamara Gazzaz
Directed By: Shadab Khan
Story: Shadab Khan
Screenplay & Dialogue: Shadab Khan, Yousef Sheikh
Music By: Ripul Sharma
Lyrics By: Ripul Sharma
Executive Producer – Zeba Javed, Imran Mir
Cinematography – Lenod Kogan, Pankaj Kachua
Editor : Prashant Panda
Costumes: Anney Abid
Background Score – Jeorge Joseph
Shooting Locations: Toronto, Mumbai, Aurangabad.
Media Relation: Ashwani Shukla, Altair Media

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