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Khela Hobe – movie review

Political drama unfolding in a small town


Khela Hobe movie review

Khela Hobe is thriller that is directed by Sunil C Sinha, that begins as a drama which turns into a thriller when a single woman Shabbo (Mughda Godse) who avenges the atrocities imposed upon her family by the village Thakur.

This could probably be the last film that veteran actor Om Puri has been featured and it has the glam girl Mughda Godse playing the simple woman small town, yet in a pivotal character in the story.

Khela Hobe is set in a small town in Benaras and is all about the patriarchial society that still exists in several part of the interiors of our country. The narrow mindset of the locals, their attitude about the single woman Shabbo who runs a Beauty parlour and the superficial family values intertwined along with the hollow relationship of the locals and the powerful in this sleepy town are portrayed in this drama.

Given an opportunity, the single woman Shabbo who has all along been taken for granted by the powerful in her gram panchayat, decides to contest election to take revenge against the oppression faced by her and her family.

Shabbo fights the four cornered election with a new agenda while the other contenders have stuck to the age old philosophy of secularism and town’s progress (or the progressive corruption in the town). Shabbo, Fareek bhai, Manoj Joshi and Sanjay Batra are contending for the post of chief in the gram panchayat.

There are streaks of political games that are much evident on the national level, yet the production values lack the convincing factor. The oldies use the formula of ancient agenda of secularism and progress would win while Shabboo has the task of wiping our corruption and beaurocracy.

Unfortunately the presence of stalwarts like Om Puri, Rati Agnihotri and Mughda Godse fail to bring in the element of emotion and conviction of the premise that otherwise could have been executed in a much contemperory fashion.

Duration:1 Hour and 54 minutes


Cast of Khela Hobe:
Om Puri as Fareek Bhai
Mughda Godse as Shabbo
Manoj Joshi as Bachchu Lal
Rushad Rana as Thakur Virendra Pratap
Rati Agnihotri as Fareek Bhai’s wife Rukasana
Sanjay Batra as Girish Gupta
Sanjay Sonu as Israr bhai
Ratan Mayal as Doctor
Shefali as the Badminton player (young)
Aaryan A as boyfriend of Shefali


Credits of Khela Hobe
Banner: Theme Arts International & Sunil C Sinha Production
Presenter: UMW Media
Produced by: Kumari Manju
Directed by: Sunil C Sinha
Story & Dialogue: Ravi Kumar
Music By: Sanjiv Chaturvedi, Ajay Keshwani, Rakesh Trivedi, Harsh Raj Harsh
Lyrics By: Sanjiv Chaturvedi, Rakesh Trivedi, Ravi Kumar
Cinematography – Ravi Bhat
Editor – Shiva Bayappa
Costumes: Praveen, Rita
Background Score: Rajendra Shiv
Choreographer: Veeky khan
Shooting Locations: Mumbai, Banaras
Media Relation: Ashwani Shukla, Altair Media

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