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PIND DAAN (Short Film) review

Vulnerable facet of a man in uniform


PIND DAAN, the short film takes you on a roller coaster ride of a cop who also has a human side. At times it is certainly difficult to erase the memories of certain incidents that have happened in one’s childhood.

Shiv Patil, a young police officer in the Mumbai police department, struggles with his deeply ingrained turbulence of emotions as he oscillates between his professional duty, his pregnant sister and a devastated inner child resulting from a dark past. His sister has forgotten and forgiven the past, while the inspector isn’t able to erase those hardships of his childhood. Instead his sister professes him to come out of the world of his duty and criminals and have a different outlook in life.

Shiv had lost his parents in his childhood itself and he was brought up by his ‘Mama’ (maternal uncle) who is in the last stage of his life. The incidents of his late maternal uncle who was known as the Lal Nrutya Kala cha Raja (King of the Dance)

He is also concerned about his maternal aunt, but he can neither forget about the child abuse in his life nor can he make peace with that gruesome feeling. A vow taken out of innocent rage at 8 and a cultural art form (dance) practiced as a child, together form his only tool of resurrection from the grave of trauma.

The director is successful to showcase the vulnerable side of the the cop. As invincible as a man in uniform may look, there is always a vulnerable human behind him. Pind Daan also explores one of the most relevant and important social issues in our society that of a child abuse in parallel to the abuse of his wife by an alcoholic husband, though this marital issue is outdated with several laws protecting the woman of today.

Release Platform – You Tube

Cast of Pind Daan:
Aadil Jaipuri as Shiv Patil (Inspector)
Yatin Karyekar as Vishwas Gaikwad (Shiv’s maternal uncle)
Divyangana Jain as Vibhuti (Shiv’s sister)
Aseema Bhatt as Mami (Shiv’s maternal aunty)
Aniket Sanghvi as Raju
Kalyani Sakhlunkar as Vidya
Ashok Kulkarni as Constable
Aneesh Tattikota as Young Shiv

Credits of Pind Daan:
Production House – Wild Buffaloes Entertainment
Written, Directed & Produced by Divyansh Pandit
Co-Written by Aamir Bengali
Co-Producer – Rishabh Sachdeva
Associate Producer – Gaurav Bhan
Cinematographer – Sarfraz Ali Hasan Khan
Editor, Choreographer & Sr. Creative Producer – Shubhankar Jadhav
Singer – Shaan
Music – Samarth Saxena
Lyrics – Sameer
Assistant Director – George Victor

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