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CYPHER: Shunya Se Shikhar Tak – movie review

Shunya se Shikhar Tak


Cypher movie review

Cypher the film has the central character of a handicapped child who is happily welcomed by his family, much to the sarcastic remarks of the society around them. Cypher – Shunya Se Shikhar Tak movie review…

The hindi feature film is based on true events, in fact the pivotal character is played by the real person and is based on true events. It is about the central character of Paresh Bhanushali who is treated as any other child born in the Kachchi Gujarati family of a small town in Gujarat.

Cypher is an inspirational film for all the specially-abled persons, their family members and the society around them. A motivational real story which is aimed to spread happiness all around despite the natural disability endowed upon the individual by mother nature.

It shows 30 years of battle of Paresh Bhanushali and his family from 1986 to 2016. Kanti Bhanushali, the real life elder brother of Paresh plays himself in the film and the central character is lucky to have an elder sibling who supports him through all the thick and thin in the hurdle some journey of this man.

The film depicts the journey of a child who was born handicapped without hands but is as normal as any other child and he never lost confidence in himself as he achieved success in his life through self-motivation, educated himself with the support of family and being truly inspiration for those who born with disability and their parents.

There are several funny moments in the story which employs cinematic liberties, probably to have a wider appeal. This message also set an example for normal human being including those who lose their hope to live happy life in India and rest of the world.

An icing on the cake is that the movie carries some melodious songs rendered by Sonu Nigam, Divya Kumar, Zubin Nautiyal, Dhwani Bhanushali and an inspirational number by Kailash Kher.

Cast of Cypher:
Paresh Bhanushali
Vikram Gokhale
Rajesh Sharma
Brijendra Kala
Tanya Mehta
Mukesh Bhatt
Divya Jagdale
Shishir Sharma
Krunal Pandit
Arun Bali
Parikshit Sahani
Kanti Bhanushali as the elder brother of Paresh

Credits of Cypher:
Banner: Shree Mangal Murti Productions
Producer: Paresh Bhanushali
Director: Sagar Pathak
Screenplay: Sagar Pathak
Distributors: Kalp Media
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Divya Kumar, Kailash Kher, Zubin Nautiyal, Dhwani Bhanushali
Cypher movie review