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Rannvijay Singh aims to introduce Poker to millions of Indians

Rannvijay Singh to host The Player Hunt

The card game Poker is being attempted to be introduced to the masses as a lifestyle sport. India gets “Player Hunt”, the first Online Poker Reality show and actor Rannvijay Singh will be hosting the reality show in January 2020.

In Jan 2021, India will see a reality show like never before. The Player Hunt. An online poker-based reality show. Brought to you by PokerHigh. Hosted by Rannvijay Singh – youth icon and a very respected name in poker circles.

According to Gaurav Gaggar, Director of PokerHigh, “The time has come to democratise poker – to make it as popular as other card games, as other online sports. Poker in India is seen as something as a cult, lifestyle sport…. we are attempting to build a community around it.”

Pranav Premnarayen – Promoter, The Player Hunt elaborates, “As we all know, these trying times has seen a rise in online gaming and viewing – but that’s a phenomenon that’s here to stay. The Player Hunt is something new, exciting, extremely interactive and is created to have mass appeal among our TA. It’s also socially aware as it urges people to play responsibly. All in all, its pretty much ‘on trend’. Our communication and marketing plan is designed to take The Player Hunt to millions of screens pan India.”

Shifa Maitra, Partner – Brands & Stories, the production house behind the show explains the format.

“In keeping with the ‘online space’ we are operating in, the show was created and produced almost completely online. We auditioned and chose 12 contestants from across the country who have an X factor, some who play poker and some who don’t. The mix includes professionals, students, people in salaried jobs, businessmen and some from the performing arts. They were all trained by mentors – Nibedita Pal and Harman Singha who are seasoned poker players besides being celebrities. They also attended masterclasses in make-up, styling, art and camera since shooting from home isn’t easy! The mix of contestants, mentors, host Rannvijay and a voice that explains the game play has come together to create a truly riveting experience.”

Host Rannvijay Singh adds, “I have been playing poker for a while now and I am so glad that finally here is a show that will bring in all the poker lovers to this one platform. But also I see it as an opportunity to introduce the game to millions of Indians who I am sure will love it.”

Watch teaser auditions as they drop every day on – youtube/The Player Hunt

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