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42 Kms – movie review

Life is a fast track


42 Kms movie review

42 Kms the hindi film showcases how in life, each one of us are always on the run. We run with different motives for different goals at different periods of our life. Some run for love, some for peace and others for money, or just for the fun of it. There is no escape from it.

This film has 5 ordinary stories with different journeys and different destinations which appear unique in each sense – but same 42 kms to run! It is an inspirational journey of perseverance and personal triumph.

42 Kms, the film is a journey of 5 people from diverse backgrounds leading a happy life. There comes a situation, when their world collapses and circumstances in life force them to push their limits beyond their thoughts. It takes them to a level where they emerge victorious under adverse circumstances and shattered confidence.

There is a 42 kilometers marathon run, and each of them has different reasons for competing in the race.

The first one is Sanjana (Mandira Bedi), a housewife whose world is restricted to her dream home, two endearing children and loving husband. All is fine and going on well with her life until she realizes that that she had become so complacent in her own world that she forgot her true identity.

For Ravi Anand (Bikram Saluja), work and success are the only things that drive him in life. He has no time for anything but his most ambitious project, which he hopes will take him closer to his goal of being one of the country’s premier businessmen. A meeting with his investors goes in a direction he never ever fathomed. Ravi Anand has never run away from a situation in the past. But this one is different. This time he has to run. He has to run 42kms to prove to his investors that they are in good hands.

Raju (Purab Kohli) is a young lad from a small village. Son of a wealthy farmer, his life revolves around his girlfriend Sumitra (Mahima Mehta). But when Sumitra’s father rejects a good for nothing bum such as Raju, he now has a challenge of proving his metal, not to others, but to himself. Raju is then motivated to participate in the marathon to regain his self esteem.

Life is a sport for Sanjeev (Sameer Dattani). He is a young talented footballer from Goa. His eyes are on his goal, ‘becoming the greatest footballer in the country’. But life has other plans for Sanjeev. Diagnosed with a critical condition, his leg gets amputated. Dumped by the love of his life, all he is left with is shattered dreams and devastated confidence. But Sanjeev was not the one to give up. He wants to reclaim his lost courage, glory and spirit.

Blessed with looks and charisma, Sameer (Prashant Chainani) had earned an image of being a Casanova. But when he meets Divya (Nauheed Cyrusi), a simple, honest and strong headed girl, who knows how to put him in place, little did he know that his life is about to change forever. Only this time it is his own Casanova image that comes to haunt him and he has to prove his love.

The movie 42 Kms is about how running for the Mumbai International Marathon, changed their lives. 42 Kms is an average fare from the entertainment angle, even the songs are ordinary to average.

Cast of 42 Kms :
Sanjana – Mandira Bedi
Sanjeev – Sameer Dattani
Raju – Purab Kohli
Sapna – Nausheen Ali Sardar
Divya – Nauheed Cyrusi
Ravi Anand – Bikram Saluja
Sameer – Prashant Chainani
Sumitra – Mahima Mehta
Sanjana’s Husband – Gautam Kapoor
Vivek Vaswani
Rajesh Khera
Saurabh Dubey
Anupam Shyam
Dara Singh Randhawa
Mohan Bhandari

Credits of 42 Kms:
Producer Eastern Union Entertainment
Director Nisha Chainani
Music Tubby Parik
42 Kms movie review