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Rivaaz – movie review

A film about dignity, about hope…


Rivaaz - movie review

A young handsome man Rahul (Manoj Bidwai) is traveling with his friend, Amar Singh to his village for attending Amar Singh’s sister Supriya’s marriage. Rivaaz movie review…

While on the way, passing through a village, he sees a young woman and instantly falls in love with her. Rahul is informed that the girl Bela (Ritisha Vijavargya) is from a particular community that has a ‘Rivaaz’ (tradition) where she is destined to be a prostitute, and even the local police intervene and help procure young women for the wealthy landlords.

It has been a tradition for the girls of this community to enter flesh business whether they like it or not. Rahul cannot get her out of his mind and so he through a pimp he finds out her name is Bela, who lives with her mother, Paro (Deepti Naval), and father, Mangatram (Rajendra Gupta).

He is unaware that her parents are all set to sell her to the highest bidder. Knowing that they would put in a strong opposition to his proposal, Rahul meets the girl on the sly, they both fall in love and so he convinces hard to persuade Bela to denounce the community’s prostitution business.

Her community finds out, and the males of her community especially feel threatened as all they are dependent on the flesh trade.

Bela’s mother also had to bury her dreams after her love was killed mercilessly by the villagers. She is helpless, cannot do anything for her daughter, but her own daughters destiny is controlled by the villagers.

It is surprising that even today, the family-based prostitution exists in many districts. This system has continued in those particular communities as tradition (rivaaz) which is in fact a money-making trade carried on with the knowledge of the lawmakers and protectors.

The film Rivaaz is about exploitation of women, a film about dignity, about hope of women who are traded in the name of tradition.

Elder men in this community dare those young girls to defy the tradition. Those girls who want to marry and settle down without consenting to engage in prostitution are tortured and killed to set an example.

Cast of Rivaaz:
Paro – Deepti Naval
Chanda – Meghna Naidu
Bela – Ritisha Vijayvargya
Sadhika Randhawa
Mukhiya – Alok Nath
Mangatram – Rajendra Gupta
Thakur Ranjeet Singh – Sayaji Shinde
Ranjeet Singh’s wife – Reema Lagoo
Manghi – Vijay Raaz
Inspector Sadanand Pathak – Yashpal Sharma
Lallu – Upyendra Limaye
Manoj Biddvai
Manoj Verma

Credits & Crew of Rivaaz:
Banner – Deeksha Screen Entertainment, Laurel Entertainment
Producers – Ashok Nanda, Vidya Kamat
Executive Producer – Deepak Kamat, Sandeep Jain, Amit Inamdar, Anand Inamdar
Director – Ashok Nanda
Story – Ashok Nanda, Rakesh Chandra Saroj
Lyrics – Raj Inder Raj, Reeg Deb, Vijay Vijawat, Ratan Pasricha, Yashandra
Music Directors – Raj Inder Raj, Reeg Deb
Cinematography – Ramesh Nautiyal
Action – Buta Singh
Art – Kartik Vidhate
Editor – Uma Shankar Mishra
Screenplay, Dialogue – Rakesh Chandra Saroj
Costume Design – Sangeet Gaikar
Rivaaz – movie review