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I am Kalam – movie review

A heart warming story about friendship, perseverance and pursuing dreams


I am Kalam - movie review

Dr A.P. J. Abdul Kalam, the former president of India who is a source of inspiration to millions of Indians is the motivational factor of this film. I am Kalam is an ode to this noble Indian.

I am Kalam is about friendship, love, truthfulness self belief and dreams. Chottu (Harsh Mayar), a poor kid who is very sharp and interested in studies. Unfortunately, his mother can’t afford to send him to school. So, at a tender age when other children play with toys, go to the school, this boy has to work in a small road side food stall. So it does tackle the menace of child labour too. I am Kalam movie review…

Bhati (Gulshan Grover) is the owner of this road side stall and there is another co-worker Laptan (Pitobash Tripathy) who always bullies Chottu. A kid from royal family – Ranvijay Singh (Hussan Saad), becomes Chottu’s best friends and starts helping him, and realizes that he too is being helped by the poor kid.

Once it so happens that this Chottu is present in a speech delivered by the former president Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, and he is so awed that Chottu changes his own name to Kalam and dreams of becoming a successful Indian one day.

This is what Chottu has to say about himself:

I come from a small village in Rajasthan, I live there with my mother and little brother. Life here is very difficult. Getting proper meal is a rarity so going to school is just out of question. But I like reading, learning new things and making new friends. When I grow up, I want to be a big man, wear good clothes and a tie and become successful.

Mother says that my brain works “Rail se bhi tez”. To help my mother support the family I work with Bhati Mamu at his dhaba. He has a camel, Laxmi. I am her best friend. Tourists from various countries stop at our dhaba. I like talking to them and learning their languages.

APJ Kalam ji is my role model. I am his most obedient student. I know that I can become like him if I go to school.

I hate it when people call me Chhotu; because I AM KALAM.

Lucie (Beatrice Ordeix) plays a very significant role in the film, while it is Harsh Mayar who shines in I am Kalam. Cinematographer Mohana Krishna’s has captured the beauty of Rajasthan very vividly. Delightful performance from Gulshan Grover, while Pitobash Tripathy is incredible and it is Laxmi the charming camel which wins your heart.

I am Kalam portrays, in a very realistic manner, that it is your karma and not ones destiny that helps in fulfilling one’s dreams – and yes your dream can come true. It is a brilliant film shot in the beautiful and colorful places of Rajasthan.

Chottu’s character is full of life with his all innocence and he aspires to become what he can not in normal circumstances. We do have examples of Dr. Kalam and Lal Bahadur Shashtri to name a few.

Debutant director Nila Madhab Panda’s film I am Kalam shines like a little jewel among the usual bollywood stuff. I am Kalam is one of those simple and has many heart touching moments.

Cast of I am Kalam:
Gulshan Grover
Harsh Mayar
Pitobash Tripathy
Husaan Saad
Beatrice Ordeix
Namrata Dixit
Meena Mir

Credits & Crew of I am Kalam:
Banner – Smile Foundation
Producer – Santanu Mishra
Co-Producer – Eleeanora Images
Associate Producer – Jitendra Mishra
Director – Nila Madhab Panda
Lyricst – Kishore, Manavendra
Music Director – Sushmit Bose, Abhshek Ray
Background Music – Deepak Pandit
Cinematography – Mohana Krishna
Art – Sanjay Das Gupta
Screenplay – Sanjay Chauhan
Dialogue – Sanjay Chauhan
Editor – Prashant Naik
Sound – Kaamod Kharade
Story / Writer – Sanjay Chauhan
Media Relations – Karmic Media
Promos – Aproov Asrani, Chintoo
Publicity Designs – Paras
Costumes – Narendra Singh, Barnali Rath
Casting Director – Bidhu Bhushan Panda
I am Kalam – movie review