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The Warning – movie review

The Warning has a supernatural twist


The Warning - movie review

Films on terrorism are in fashion, but The Warning has a supernatural twist. Karan Razdan who has also acted in this film is the director who brings this movie which deals on what happens after the terror attacks. The Warning movie review…

Usually terrorists are shown as the hard and ruthless beings that do not care for humanity. A bit different here, in this film we have a hard core jihadi terrorist with a repentant soul.

Azan Khan (Atul Kulkarni) is one ruthless terrorist who is in charge of training a group of fresh jihadis. Such a merciless character he is, that he would not think twice before eliminating those within his group who are suspected of deserting the plan.

There is a maulana and two army officers from the enemy camp who plan to create terror in a bustling city. If they are successful in their strikes, the young jihadis are promised ‘heaven’ sort of lavish lifestyle with hoors (women) and all the fun with it.

An innocent fisherman Ramsharan (Karan Razdan) readies himself for his usual fishing trip to the deep seas. He has a happy family – his wife (Rituparna Sen) and a daughter Muskaan (Jannat) and his old parents (Satish Kaushik and Ila Arun).

He has a bad day ahead. Because his trawler is hijacked on the high seas by Azan Khan and his men who plan to use the fisherman’s trawler to enter into the city. The fisherman’s men are killed. The trawler is taken off a different course – to gain an entry to the city. Azaan Khan who is the leader of the jihadis, is on a mission to get into India and kill innocent people.

A fight takes place in the trawler where Ramsharan is shot dead by Azaan and the jihadi takes over the boat. Azan Khan and his men manage to enter the city but they get shot in a shootout with cops. The viewer is then informed about the attack having taken place, and the bad men who are killed by the cops do not get a proper burial as they are terrorists. It is here that a supernatural twist ensues.

All of a sudden the fisherman’s daughter Muskaan (Jannat) starts behaving weird and her voice changes. The spirits enter the fisherman’s house every night and possess the girl. This confuses the mother and grand parents Satish Kaushik and Ila Arun.

All the medical treatments fail and so as a last resort, the local maulana (Anang Desai) suggests they contact the Peer baba (Anupam Kher) who tackles the spirits in an appropriate manner.

Then begins the unending ordeals of spirit visiting the house and scribbling a message in a mysterious language on the wall.

The plot is interesting and the film The Warning leaves a stunning impression on the viewer since it combines terrorism and supernatural. The beautiful locations of the coastline are eye-catching. Anupam Kher is passionate in his part with fervor while Satish Kaushik, Ila Arun and Rituparna Sengupta and Jannat are impressive. The other talented actors Atul Kulkarni and Zakir Hussain are just okay.

Credits & Crew of The Warning:
Producer – Ram Kudale
Director – Karan Razdan
Story – Karan Razdan
Lyricist – Ibrahim Ashq
Music Director – Sachin Gupta
Cinematography – Rajendra Prasad
Action – Pradumanya P.K
Art – Ajay Verekar
Editor – Sanjay Verma

Cast of The Warning:
Muskaan – Jannat Zubair Rahmani
Azaan Khan – Atul Kulkarni
Megha – Rituparna Sengupta
Peer Jammatuddin Shah Baba – Anupam Kher
Devsharan – Satish Kaushik
Dulariben – Ila Arun
Nawab – Zakir Hussain
Moulana – Anang Desai
Ramsharan – Karan Razdan
Govind Namdev
Suhas Khandke
The Warning – movie review