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Chhutanki – movie review

India's first Live cum Animation film


Chhutanki - movie review

Produced by Astute Media Vision Chhutanki is India’s first ever live cum Animation Film in 3-D. The movie is directed by Pankaj Sharma who has given us fine animation films like Bal Hanuman, Bal Ganesh, no wonder he is considered as an animation guru in bollywood. It took 15 months and over 40 special effect experts to complete the film. Chhutanki movie review…

The story is about the animated lead character Chhutanki, a young orphan boy and his mysterious birth, upbringing and the training imparted by his guru Bal Guru Akhand Dev who is the trainer of superheroes.

This orphan’s childhood was indeed intriguing and direction less, but under Guru Akhand Dev, Chhutanki learns to focus his energy and power on the greater good and helping the ones in need.

Puneet Issar plays the negative personality Takla Baba, a live character, who is master of magical powers heads the evil forces with his sidekick Surili (Upasana Singh), who is also a live character.

Takla Baba has animated goons like the Saand, Crocodile and Dragons.

This Takla Baba has captured the childhood of Chhutanki to create a powerful clone force. Chhutanki is on mission to save his childhood and to thwart Takla Baba’s devilish idea and powers. Chhutanki is supported by two youngsters Suraj (Anuj Pandit) and Chanda (Nikita More) to help him in his endeavor.

Excellent background music is rendered by Sanjay Dhakan, and the camera work by Chauhan is much above bollywood standards.

Other endearing characters in the film are those of Anuj Pandit as Suraj and Nikita More as Chanda.

The film Chhutanki is about good’s victory over evil. It has only one song and there are attempts to include every ingredient like fun, action, adventure and fantasy which makes the film entertaining.

Cast of Chhutanki:-
Puneet Issar as Takla Baba
Upasna Singh as Surili
Anuj Pandit as Suraj
Pankaj Sharma as Akhand Dev/Crocodile
Nikita More as Chanda
Humeeta Kaur Baggan as Chhutanki
Parminder Ghumman as Saand
Shanoor Sharma as Deer

Credits & Crew of Chhutanki:
Producer -Pankaj Sharma
Story Writer, Screenplay & Dialogues – Pankaj Sharma
Music Director – Sanjay Dhakan
Background Music – Sanjay Dhakan
Cinematographer – Shyam Chavan
Editor – Pankaj Sharma
Chhutanki – movie review