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Hair is Falling – movie review

A Serious Comedy


Hair is Falling - movie review

Hey guys! Do you have a problem of Hair Fall? Hair is Falling?
Well, this film is for you then.

Hair is Falling deals with the problem of premature hair fall.

Kya aap baalo ke jhadne se pareshaan hain?

So now you don’t have to visit hair salons because this season there is a film which will show you how to solve this problem of yours permanently.

A Media World presentation, the first half of the film is hilarious and it is about youth and their college life. Post interval there are attempts to entertain, but it fails in showing tricks and techniques of growing hair and appears very cynical trying to have a balance of comedy and seriousness.

Hair is Falling begins with a title theme which narrates the story about the youngster who faces this problem. This college boy is into fashion and modeling and now he faces the problem of hair loss but does not take is seriously. Some time later it gets serious because his career as a model is now getting affected due to scanty hair.

It is in the second half where it has tricks and techniques of growing hair and is presented very sarcastically, slowly moving towards a love plot ending it all on a positive note.

An unexpected element in the film is the new cast, especially Rajesh Bhardwaj, is impressive and it gives it a fresh look. The songs are catchy and groovy and they create the required humor and seriousness with their lyrics.

It has a new concept with fresh faces and an interesting premise which educates as well as makes a mockery of the hair fall problem. There is a fresh appeal to the story with the bunch of freshers and a unique subject.

There are some interesting scenarios, like the man who has a hair fall problem, gets tips like rubbing the fingertips together to get hair, or visiting a baba like character and frantically going around people, seeking tips and tricks to gain hair or atleast arresting the hair fall problem.

It does have some witty dialogues, rocking music and the longest kiss ever happened in the entire film industry, as claimed by the producers.

Though Hair is falling has vibrating, contrasting colors and profound yet simple storytelling still it falls below expectations. It could have been a complete fun package but sadly it has a weak script.

Cast of Hair is Falling:
Rajesh Bhardwaj
Sanjana Tiwari
Manoj Pahwa
Mahinder Singh Bist
Bharti (Lalli)

Credits & Crew of Hair is Falling:
Studio: Media World
Banner: MW Films
Directed by Vicky Bhardwaj
Produced by Urmila Sharma & Gudduji
Written by Vikas Taliyan
Music by Arjuna harjai, Arpan Sumit & Kamran Ahmed
Original Background Score: Arjuna Harjai
Songs composed by: Arpan Sumit / Kamran Ahmad
Hair is Falling – movie review