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Chala Mussaddi Office Office – movie review

An adaptation of the television serial Office Office


Chala Mussaddi Office Office - movie review

Chala Mussaddi Office Office is an adaptation of the television serial Office Office. The TV serial portrays the plight of a common man in various sticky situations. It has different situations where the commoner Mussadi Lal comes across dishonesty, corruption and bribery. The TV Serial, Office Office gained popularity as the audience would connect with the character of Mussaddi, a simple man who is bogged down by the corrupt system. Chala Mussaddi Office Office movie review…

It deals with the burning issues of bribery and corruption and it shows how the common man bears the brunt of it all. All characters of the television serial are repeated in this film. Mussaddi Lal (Pankaj Kapoor) is a middle class citizen of our country who strives to make the two ends meet. He comes across the evils of the current state of affairs in India, in its government offices, etc.

The film Chala Mussaddi Office Office has retained the cast of the tele-show as the writer Ashwani Dhir and director Rajiv Mehra present the usual characters – Bhatia (Manoj Pahwa), Pandey (Hemant Gupta), Patel (Deven Bhojani), Usha (Asawari Joshi), and Shukla (Sanjay Mishra) as the government officials who manipulate the poor common man.

Mussaddi Lal Tripathi (Pankaj Kapur) is a retired school master and his wife (Farida Jalal) who is besieged with serious illness which needs to be operated upon. So he takes her to the hospital where due to the utter negligence and vested interests of the doctors result in her untimely death.

Mussaddi is left alone in the world with just his unemployed son Bunty (Gaurav Kapoor). Anyway, the school master sets out for his pilgrimage for the “chaar dham yatra” for the immersion of his wife’s ashes.

Here, while he is away, the pension officers come for the routine inspection at Mussaddi’s house to enquire his status. Mussaddi’s neighbor informs them that Mussaddi ‘…has gone far away’ – which the Pension Officers interpret that he has expired and report Mussaddi Lal Tripathi as “dead” in their files.

On his return, Mussaddi Lal discovers that according to government files – he is dead. He would not receive his pension anymore. He tries hard to convince the Pension Office staff that he is alive, but they are not convinced at all as they want “proof”.

Chala Mussaddi Office Office is about whether Mussaddi be able to get justice in the end?

One does identify with the common man in the film and many may draw parallels with their real life in one instance or the other. Pankaj Kapoor is notable and Gaurav Kapur as his unemployed son adds some interesting moments in this film Chala Mussaddi Office Office.

Rajiv Mehra, very convincingly tells a story about a simple retired teacher who becomes a victim who is exploited in a system where things don’t move until palms are greased.

There are few funny moments, however the cinematic experience of this topic is unimpressive as we would rather sit home and watch the television serial which is much better. The story seems stretched later on and it becomes repetitive when the bureaucrats continue to manipulate money out of him.

Cast of Chala Mussaddi Office Office:
Mussaddi Lal Tripathi – Pankaj Kapoor
Patel – Deven Bhojani
Bhatia – Manoj Pahwa
Shukla – Sanjay Mishra
Pandeyji – Hemant Pandey
Ushaji – Asawari Joshi
Bunty – Gaurav Kapoor
Farida Jalal
Makrand Deshpande
Vinay Jain
Mahesh Thakur

CREDITS of Chala Mussaddi Office Office:
Banner – Eagle Films
Producers – Rajiv Mehra, Rajesh Mehra, Umesh Mehra
Director – Rajiv Mehra
Story Writer – Ashwani Dhir
Lyricist – Gulzar
Music Director – Sajid Wajid
Cinematography – Carlton D’Mello
Choreography – Piyush Panchal
Art – Tina Dharamsey
Editor – Manish Jaitly
Sound – Suraj Mahadik
Chala Mussaddi Office Office – movie review