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Queens Destiny of Dance – Movie review

An insight into the lives of the neglected transgenders


Queens Destiny of Dance - Movie review

Queens! Destiny of Dance is a story about the controversial and mysterious lives of Hijras (eunuchs). Set in a royal backdrop of a palatial house in Rajasthan, probably one of the few cities where the hijras live in luxury. The royal hijras were respected and well accepted as they used to serve the Indian imperials since the golden ages. Queens Destiny of Dance movie review…

This bold film takes a peek at the lesser-known lives of the third gender, so called as ‘Hijras’ (trans-genders) in a dignified manner, while being realistic and honest to the facts. Actually, there are some real-life Hijras in pivotal roles, thankfully not in any negative or comic roles. Such films come once in a while.

The story of Queens Destiny of Dance is told through the eyes of a young hijra called Mukta (played by Vineet) who is the best dancer in their community and a natural leader whom all the other girls look up to. Guru Amma (Seema Biswas) heads a community of hijras with love and severity in equal measure, among whom Mukta is the apple of her eye, who almost worships her.

It happens that one day a beautiful young girl Nandini (Archana Gupta) shows up mysteriously, and Guru Amma takes a sudden liking to her. Soon the new entrant becomes the centre of attraction within the community, and Mukta gets jealous of her, realizing that Guru Amma too is now sidelining her.

Mukta leaves the community, and eventually has to come back as there is no other option. This time Mukta behaves sweetly with Amma and Nandini but has some thing else in her mind.

What is the newcomer Nandini’s background? What is the reason for Amma to be unfair to Mukta? And what does Amma know about Nandini? This is what the rest is all about.

Vineeth is fine however a bit loud at several instances. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi and Raj Zutshi and Archana Gupta are apt in their roles. Seema Biswas who portrayed the fearless Phoolan Devi in Shekhar Kapur’s Bandit Queen is probably the first Indian actress to play a transsexual in Bollywood cinema.

In our daily life, we are indifferent to the Hijras, when we see them, usually even avoid them and honestly, most of us are scared of them. Our films usually depict them in a negative role or in comical sequences. When will we get our recognition asks Laxmi the famous celebrity?

The character played by Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is inspired by Manvendra Singh Gohil, who belongs to the royal family of Rajpipla. What’s more is that Queens has opulent sets, rich production values and ably supported by excellent performances by Vineeth and Seema Biswas too.

Hopefully our outlook towards this third gender could change and more so in Bollywood films which could think of some sensible and significant roles for them rather than treating them like invisibles.

Queens Destiny of Dance gives viewers an insight into the lives of the neglected transgenders, so that people may develop a better understanding towards the third gender of the society. A film recommended only for those who want to know more about the neglected section of the society.
Cast of Queens Destiny of Dance:
Seema Biswas
Archana Gupta
Laxmi Narayan Tripathi
Raj Zutshi
Uvika Chaudhary
Hema Malini

Credits & Crew of Queens Destiny of Dance:
Banner: Miraj Entertainment Ltd., View Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd, Mirchi Movies Limited
Producer: Vipul V. Bangera
Director: David Atkins
Story: David Atkins
Executive Producer – Sonal Deshpande
Music Director – Anurag Ware
Lyrics: Asif Ali Beg, Maya Govind, Nida Fazli, Yogesh Gaur, MP Anamika
Editor – Chaitanya Tanna
Costume Design – Vidya Krishanater
Queens Destiny of Dance – Movie review