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I am Singh – movie review

It is about Sikhs who were victims of mistaken identity and hate crimes post 9/11


I am Singh - movie review

The film is inspired by real people and events. I am Singh is about the Sikhs who were victims of mistaken identity and hate crimes post 9/11. It also deals with the pride and honor of a Sikh’s turban.

Not only were the Sikhs mistaken to be some other community, they were mistaken to be terrorists and they were a target of racist and communal violence from the American society. People belonging to the Islamic community experienced this similar treatment. Due to the unfortunate happenings of 9/11 and the culprits involved being Muslims, the entire Islamic community was being targeted in America.

I am Singh is about how a young man caught in the middle of a conspiracy, stands up to attain justice for his family, for his identity of being an Indian, of being a Sikh.

The movie also tries to clear the mistaken identity of the people of America who are misinterpreted by people around the world to be bullies or a nation that tries to stamp their authority over others.

This story of I am Singh is about a young Sikh named Ranveer Singh (Gulzar Inder Chahal), young and strong willed entrepreneur, born and brought up in India. His elder brothers are citizens of America. One day he receives a call and he comes to know that one of his brothers is dead, his father is seriously injured and his other brother is missing.

On reaching the US he tries to find out what actually happened to his family, but doesn’t get the right answers. However, something keeps telling him that there is more to the whole incident, what seems on the face is not the fact, the fact remains a mystery to him.

Then, he meets a Pakistani, Rizwan Haider, who now is an American citizen. Rizwan tells him what actually had happened on that day. Ranveer seeks the local authorities help, but does not get any support.

He realizes that he has to fight this battle on his own. As luck would have it, he meets another local citizen, a Sikh named Fateh Singh (Puneet Issar) who is a daredevil LAPD officer. Fateh Singh guides him on which path to choose. In this effort he is supported by Amelia White (Brooke Johnston), an American human rights activist and an attorney. Amy Washington (Amy Rasimas), an American Senior Attorney, further fights the case. Together they fight the battle of equality and justice for everyone in the true American spirit.

Rizwan Haider as the progressive American Muslim whose roots lie in Pakistan is very impressive. Amy Rasimas as the strong headed Senior Attorney dedicatedly fights for the Human and Civil rights of the South Asian community in America.

Amelia White and Tulip Joshi have nothing much in the story as they are mere wooden characters. Puneet Issar is fine, except some moments when he is just loud. There is this scene towards the end where the Asians (Indians and Pakistanis) have a meeting and unanimously decide to unite and fight the racial discrimination. It appears artificial and over the top in I am Singh.

There is a lot of hard work put in by Puneet Issar in this film, unfortunately it fails to entertain. Rather it appears like a docu-drama to awaken the junta to fight against the discrimination. Gulzar Inder Chahal as the protagonist is subdued and fine.

Cast of I am Singh:
Puneet Issar – Fateh Singh
Amy Rasimas – Amy Washington
Gulzar Inder Chahal – Ranveer Singh
Brooke Johnston – Amelia White
Rizwan Haider – Rizwan Hyder
Tulip Joshi
Sunita Dheer
Neeta Mohindra
Donny Kapoor
Akash Karnataki
Aushima Sawhney
Yusuf Hussain
Daler Mehndi – Guest Appearance
Mika Singh – Guest Appearance

Credits & Crew of I am Singh:
Producer: Sardar Peshaura Singh Thind
Director: Puneet Issar
Story & Screenplay: Puneet Issar, Satyajit Puri, Deepali Issar
Music – Daler Mehndi, Sumitra Iyer, Monty Sharma, Sunil Sirvaiya
Dialogue Writers – Puneet Issar, Satyajit Puri, Deepali Issar
Lyricist – Gurbani, Raj Hans, Sandeep Nath. Sudhakar Dutt Sharma, Sameer, Deepali, Issar
Background Music – Surendra Sodhi
Cinematography – W B Rao
Choreography – Chinni Prakash, Raju Khan, Rekha Chinni Prakash
Action – Moses, Kaushal
Art – Narendra Rahurikar
Editor – Sanjay Verma
Sound – Pradeep Suri, B K Chaturvedi
I am Singh – movie review