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Desi Boyz – movie review

How 2 best friends cope up with the recession in the UK


Desi Boyz - movie review

Debutant director Rohit Dhawan is the son of prominent director David Dhawan who directed movies like Shola aur Shabnam (1992), Aankhen (1993), Raja Babu and even till late – Partner. To say honestly, the son is one up over his dad when it comes to delivering glossy comedy. One more thing, it has been given an adults certificate, maybe because of its particular content where the handsome studs operate as male escorts. Desi Boyz movie review…

Desi Boys is the story of two friends, residing in the UK and the year is 2009. The world has been struck by the financial meltdown. But Nick Mathur and Jerry Patel don’t feel a thing in their comfortable pad in London.

Nick Mathur (John Abraham), a graduate of London School of Economics is the sort every girl wants her parents to meet. He is a stable investment banker, and apart from being a handsome bachelor, he is a loyal friend and a reliable boyfriend. Jerry is Nick’s loyal friend because he pays the rent and is a cash cow for his friend Jerry.

Jerry Patel (Akshay Kumar) was born as Jignesh Patel, and changed his name when he landed in UK some 12 years back. He believes in short cut to success and that is why he has dropped out of college and changed several part-time jobs, and leaning back on his room-mate cum best friend Nick in times when he is cash strapped. While Jerry is so used to scraping the bottom of the barrel and living off his best buddy Nick, that recession feels like home.

Nick feels smug with his successful investment banking job, the new bonus in his pocket and his beautiful fiance, Radhika, by his side. Radhika Awasthi (Deepika Padukone finds stability and security in her boyfriend Nick. She is a professional architect and dreams of a grand wedding and a sensational honeymoon.
Radhika is uncomfortable with Jerry’s closeness to her boyfriend Nick, but has to bear with him all along.

Tanya Mehra (Chitrangada Singh) was a fat “KFC kid” while in colleg and a butt of all jokes. She blooms into a drop-dead gorgeous Economics teacher at Trinity College. She has a wild side to her character which is covered by a no-nonsense professor’s image. Tanya lives life in the moment and fully, not letting anything holding her back from following the beat of her heart.

But life has a way of pulling the rug from under our feet.

Nick and Jerry stop smiling the day Nick’s company decides to downsize and unceremoniously fires him.

And Jerry is informed by the Social Services that his nephew Veer, who’s local guardian Jerry is will be placed in a foster home unless he gets a steady job.
Recession and unemployment forces them rethink on options. One door opens which leads to a profession of male escorts and thus they are nicknamed as Rocco and Hunter. But they have a rule set to follow: No Sex. Money floods in – Jerry can now pay for his nephew’s fees and Nick can fulfill his girlfriend’s dreams but she is unaware of their new identities and nocturnal activities.

Radhika comes to know of their new “profession” through a video on the You Tube as the studs are talk of the town. She strictly disapproves this and her relationship with Nick is strained.

Nick and Jerry’s routine is portrayed well in the first half of Desi Boyz which proceeds well. Fine performances by Akshay and John, helped with slick editing, it is an enjoyable beginning.

It is in the second half where Nick resides in a van stationed opposite her house. The sub plot of Jerry striving to save his guardianship of his nephew brings in emotional moments.

DESI BOYZ is the story of two men who are forced to do something extremely bizarre which gives them instant gratification but the repercussions tear them apart and its aftermath which tests everything including their friendship.

Also the part when Sanjay Dutt arrives in the courtroom is typical bollywood style which appears unacceptable that the stud wins over the judge. Very unrealistic.

Cast of Desi Boyz:
Akshay Kumar – Jerry Patel
John Abraham – Nick Mathur
Deepika Padukone – Radhika Awasthi
Chitrangda Singh – Tanya Mehra
Omi Vaidya
Sanjay Dutt
Bruna Abdulla
Anupam Kher
Mohnish Bahl

Credits & Crew of Desi Boyz:
Banner – Eros International Media Ltd, Next Gen
Producers – Vijay Ahuja, Krishika Lulla
Co-Producer – Manoj Mittra, Ram Mirchandani
Director – Rohit Dhawan
Story Writer – Rohit Dhawan
Lyricist – Kumaar, Irshad KamilAmitabh Bhattacharya
Music Director – Pritam Chakraborty
Cinematography – N Natarajan Subramaniam
Choreography – Bosco Martis, Caesar Gonsalves
Action – Mahendra Varma
Screenplay – Milap Zaveri, Rohit Dhawan
Dialogue – Renuka Kunzru
Sound – Kunal Mehta, Parikshit Lalwani
Costumes – Kunal Rawal, Uma Biju
Desi Boyz – movie review

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