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Will tread cautiously, on firm footings – Prernaa Arora

Prernaa Arora - October 2019

She has produced films like Rustom, Padman and Toilet- Ek Prem Katha that have entertained the masses yet made them sit up and think about their subjects which were socially relevant. Prernaa Arora of KriArj Entertainment is back in Bollywood. Defending herself after being granted bail in a Fraud Case, she refutes all the false news and allegations in the media as totally untrue.

Spending almost a year in desolation, Prernaa Arora has realized the value of family, parents and most importantly she has learnt several important lessons in life some of them akin to the management class lessons.

FilmyTown catches up with Prernaa Arora in an exclusive talk where she talks exclusively to Paresh B. Mehta about the changes in several aspects in her professional and personal life:

What lessons have you learnt in almost a year having spent her time in the custody?
Never to take anything for granted as life is very precious. I have realized the need be more cautious and have a serious approach to every day in my life. Life can take a turn anytime.
I have realized the value of life, time and money too. A grown up has to have gratitude towards life and appreciate with whatever you have on hand.

And what about self introspection?
The most important people in one’s life are your parents. Earlier I used to be so engrossed in daily meetings, films, career and other issues that I often took my parents for granted. Now it is bigger in life other than your parents as they are happy in their child’s happiness and ever willing to share the child’s struggles in life. I can’t imagine what my mummy or daddy must be feeling each moment of the day while I was away from them for such a long period. My daddy is a simple farmer by heart and my mom is a loving homemaker. How they must have coped each moment of distress, is exactly what made me realize their presence in my personal life.
What changes have you felt within yourself during this period?

I have become religious with having learnt by heart the ‘Mahamrutanjay mantra‘ having realized that I had forgotten God during my success and partying around and hence confess that I seldom used to visit the temples.

Now that you are back, what are your plans?
I plan to start afresh only in the Media and Entertainment industry. I am good at making meaningful films. The one that we are working on is a love story with a social cause. Once this is completed, I will go back and take up what is left behind. Having already invested in other films, I will take them up one by one.

Coming back to ‘Management lessons’ what else would you like to point out?
There are several management lessons that I have now imbibed such as regularity in timings and then practice personal discipline, selection of the most appropriate staff that will work under me. They would be truly passionate and professional personnel who would be taking KriArj forward.

Are you the same ‘arrogant’ person as the filmy town folk labeled you earlier?
There was a broader perception in the industry that I was an arrogant personality. But actually it was my straight forwardness that was misconstrued as arrogance.
Mark my words – the old Prernaa Arora is left behind and it is the new and more wise, humble, soft- hearted, yet a taskmaster that is talking to you.

What opportunities have you noted that are you for asking now?
I don’t want to miss out on any opportunity.
Mere hard work won’t lead you to your goals. One also needs the luck factor that fetches you money and power.

Let’s go back to what you mentioned about becoming religious. Is it becoming religious or simply put it as whether you have developed a spiritual bent of mind?
I noticed the power of Shani Chalisa. I used to get up early before dawn and recited the Shani Chalisa which helped me gather my will power and literally opened the doors to my freedom.
Now I also feel more blessed spiritually with a feeling of being connected to Lord Bajrangbali. Also as a growing child oft stumbles while beginning to walk, I have taken this period as an learning experience and a stumbling block that often comes across in one’s life.

Having realized your drawbacks, what is the road forward for you in life?
I was being a parrot till now, but henceforth would love to be an eagle who is vigilant, wise, sharp and much higher than any other bird in the sky.
I will be more active in the commercial viability to story telling, casting and even the budgeting of each of the films that I take up on hand.

What is your message to FilmyTown readers?
I want to be an inspiration for all the other women filmmakers and advise them to exercise caution and wisdom, be vigilant, balanced in your decision making process and never keep blind faith on any individual in your business tasks. Most of the times the people who are outspoken, tend to be safer than the sweet-talking ones who tend to be more dangerous and jealous of you.

I promise to make good and thoughtful films like Rustom, Padman, Toilet – Ek Prem Katha – which entertain people and make them appreciate my work.

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