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Prernaa Arora - October 2019

She has produced films like Rustom, Padman and Toilet- Ek Prem Katha that have entertained the masses yet made them sit up and think about their subjects which were socially relevant. Prernaa Arora of KriArj Entertainment is back in Bollywood. Defending herself after being granted bail in a Fraud Case, she refutes all the false news and allegations in the…

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Rustom, hindi movie review
A Naval Commander pleads NOT GUILTY after 3 gun shots on his playboy friend. At the very begining itself, the director has claimed that the film is a work of fiction, and is a fictional representation of the case of K M Nanavati versus State of Maharashtra which grabbed headlines during the 1960s. The year is 1959 in Bombay (Now called as Mumbai) Rustom Pavri, a commander with the Indian Navy is a celebrated officer who puts his country first among anything else in the world. Duty calls him often to be offshore and once, during his early return from duty, Rustom (Akshay Kumar) finds his wife Cynthia not at home. She has been out of the house since 2 days and Rustom then learns about her affair with a rich Automobile Dealer Vikram Makhija (Arjan Bajwa). Feeling deceived by his wife's infidelity, Rustom Pavri, in an angered state drives back to his just docked ship and officially colle ....
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