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Andya Cha Funda music launch

The upcoming Marathi movie ‘Andya Cha Funda’, is a mystery thriller based on fun-filled friendship and their escapades. Scheduled to release on June 30, this childhood friendship story based film is produced by Vijay Shetty, creator of Creation while Prashant Pujari and Indira Viswanath Shetty have co-produced them. An assurance of it being an entertaining film is endorsed by the…

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The Perfect Girl, hindi movie review
It is said that there is always a perfect girl sent in this world by the almighty, for every male. The destiny of every human is drafted well before we are born. Is it so? A 35 year old medical graduate is yet to come in terms with his life, his family and more so with his dad. Being the only son of his parents, they expect him to get settled in life now. Settled, in the sense that he ought to get married. This would be doctor has realized that it would have been better if he went into film making. The Perfect Girl begins with a spoof made by Jay (Teeshay) on the anti-smoking documentary film. It goes on to say how “pyaar” (love) can be detrimental to one’s life. A satire on the oft shown mandatory docu-film prior to the main screening about how tobacco is injurious to one’s health. Jay prefers to stay with his friend and one evening at his pal’s place, the talk abo ....
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