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The Perfect Girl – Hindi movie review

Ek simple si love story


The Perfect Girl, hindi movie review

It is said that there is always a perfect girl sent in this world by the almighty, for every male. The destiny of every human is drafted well before we are born. Is it so?

A 35 year old medical graduate is yet to come in terms with his life, his family and more so with his dad. Being the only son of his parents, they expect him to get settled in life now. Settled, in the sense that he ought to get married.

This would be doctor has realized that it would have been better if he went into film making.

The Perfect Girl begins with a spoof made by Jay (Teeshay) on the anti-smoking documentary film. It goes on to say how “pyaar” (love) can be detrimental to one’s life. A satire on the oft shown mandatory docu-film prior to the main screening about how tobacco is injurious to one’s health.

Jay prefers to stay with his friend and one evening at his pal’s place, the talk about Jay’s marriage comes up. Jay confides to his buddy that the one hour rendezvous he had with a girl in Goa, some 15 years back had the most defined impression in his heart. And maybe, he is still waiting for that girl.

The story goes into a flashback. In the tourist town of Goa, a young girl Vedika is waiting for a bus which has been delayed by an hour. A young boy (Jay) catches fancy of her and tries to spark of a conversation. Initially cold to each other, both of them go for a little walk before the delayed bus arrives.

They take a long walk, have coffee, visit the Old Goa fort and even relax at a beach. It begins with each one trying to interpret the other’s aspirations, then leading to some serious talks about why the girl harbors negative emotions about her paternal uncle.

There are some preachy moments where the boy encourages the girl to become bold in life, speak for herself, and a brief encounter with a portly car driver who defaces the street, implying the behavior of the general public who ought to be taught about cleanliness.

So, the two strangers meet and interact with each other for just over an hour and realize they are perfect for each other? But life has other plans for them.

Would you wait for your destined perfect other, or would you move on?

It begins well with the well enacted father-son relationship, drags mid-way, and post interval the story takes a turn which makes it an interesting watch.


Click on the Thumbnails for Enlarged pics:

Tara Alisha Berry as Vedika
Teeshay Shah as Jay
Shishir Sharma as Jay’s father
Sonali Sachdev as Jay’s mother
Kaushik Banerjee as Doctor (in the docu-drama)
Vivek Jain as Ramesh (in the docu-drama)
Bhavna Kharekar as Tanisha
Vikram Singh Chauhan as Karthik
Vijay Shetty as Waiter
Ashwin Kodange as the Goon in the car
Raju Kher, Asha Sharma, Anshul Singh, Nishant Kaul, Akanksha Gilani, Dheeraj Giri, Ajit Singh, Prashant, Smita Hai, Shalaka Apte, Mudasir Bhat, Tarun Dahiya, Dev Alchemist
Writer & Director – Prakash Nambiar
Producer – udit Shivraj Pathak
Co-producer – Kathaa Animations
Cinematographer – Girish Kant
Music – Siddharth Mahadevan, Soumil Shringarpure
Lyrics – Manoj Yadav
Editor – Shiva Bayappa
Art Director – Anil Vats
Assistant Directors – Jitendra Nishad, Ashutosh Chhabra
Asistant Editors – Prashant Rane, Hemant Kataria
Background Score – Aldrin Rodrigues
Distributor – Nandini Entertainment
Public Relations – Avantika Sinha (Soapbox), Nilofer Zaveri, Anoushka

The Perfect Girl – Hindi Movie review

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