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Chehere: A Modern Day Classic – movie review

A modern day classic


Chehere, a modern day classic, movie review

It is a period drama set in 1952 in England. Chehere is a story about three women, who are actresses. Tarana (Manisha Koirala) was a superstar of the silent era, is retired from the glam and glitz. Could be her instinctive realisation that she has entered her waning period as a glam-girl in Bollywood, hence she moves away to the U.K.

Chehere is a psychological thriller film written and directed by Rohit Kaushik which revolves round the life of this Diva of yester-years. Tarana still leads a high standard of living and she has even called her sister Amanat (played by Divya Dutta), a poetess, to stay with her in a huge mansion in the UK. However Tarana shares a bitter relationship with her.

Amanat who was a singer also had starry aspirations, unfortunately she leads a crippled life and is confined to a wheelchair. The film also stars Jackie Shroff, Gulshan Grover, Hrishita Bhatt, Aarya Babbar, Bob Brahmbhatt, Rakesh Bedi, and Geeta Vij.

Still, Tarana is yet to come in terms with her new way of existence, with recurring feelings of the roll of the camera.

What unfolds on her birthday celebration leaves a scar that she and her guests are hounded by. There is Rai saab (Jackie Shroff), a film producer and his manipulating girl friend Jhankaar (Hrishita Bhatt).

Amongst their common friends is a Doctor (Gulshan Grover) who is a hidden admirer of Tarana. Gulshan Grover plays a positive and romantic role who is a doctor who falls in love with the heroine and even the heroine loves him.

Hrishita Bhatt’s character in the film is that of an actress who is a newcomer while Manisha Koirala is from an earlier era.

When a murder takes place in the mansion, an Indian detective with the Scotland Yard – Madan (Aarya Babbar) takes charge of the investigations, which, the director felt it appropriate to show in its black-and-white visions.

All the characters are woven with each other, which very interestingly add on to the plot of the film. One thing worth a mention is that our ladies look stunning in their black-and-white sequences, reminiscent of the old Guru Dutt films.

Directed by Rohit Kaushik, it revolves around clash of ideas and perspectives and an ensuing mystery which due to its slow and tedious storytelling falls short of being an engrossing fare.

Cast of Chehere:
Jackie Shroff
Manisha Koirala
Gulshan Grover
Divya Dutta
Hrishita Bhatt
Aarya Babbar
Bob Brahmbhatt
Rakesh Bedi
Geeta Vij


Credits of Chehere:
Directed by Rohit Kaushik
Produced by Inderjit Singh Daheley
Written by Rohit Kaushik
Production company – AM Movies UK Ltd
Distributed by Rich Juniors Entertainment
Chehere: A Modern Day Classic

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