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Gauraiya – hindi movie review

Crime never ends


Gauraiya, hindi movie review

Gauraiya  is about Shefali is writing a book on Dacoits of Chitrakoot as she is has taken up the issue of crime and the atrocities hurled towards its victims.

This offbeat film is based on true incidents with an imaginary story portrayal of a desert area somewhere in Patna in North India, a place of the poor and downtrodden people who are victimized by dacoits.

Shefali travels all the way to the hinterland and meets a downtrodden and sexually exploited woman Gauraiya from a village named Harijanpur which is situated in the backward area of Patna. She had kept the title of the book as END OF CRIME.

It was child marriage for Gauraiya when she was a little girl was married by the elders in the village to a boy Sukhna. As per their traditions, the child couple did not have her final wedding (Gauna) rituals. It is only when the children cross their teens, they are finally wedded.

Gauraiya narrates her tragedy to Shefali as to how and why she became a bonded labourer in the hands of Tendu Leaf contractor Kali Patel for the simple reason as she had to pay off the her father’s debt.

Bandit Dhanua has terrorized the area and has complete control and authority over this contractor Kali Patel who sends regular commission from his Tendu Leaf trade to the bandit.

Dhanua frequents the jungle and when he comes across Gauraiya, he rapes her. Poor woman, Gauraiya is then onwards also physically exploited by Kali Patel, the police inspector Danda Patel and the NGO head Tiwari.

The local contractor conspires with the Police inspector and gets Sukhna arrested and he is put behind bars under fake charges of Dacoit protection act.

Gauraiya becomes pregnant by Bandit Dhanua. In a turn Dhanua is killed by State Government Order. In the meanwhile Gauraiya delivers a female child. Shefali meets another downtrodden woman Ramlali who was also victimized by dacoits, but she faced them with bravery.

It is after Shefali gets to hear the complete story of this tragedy; she has second thoughts about the title of this book as she thinks that if crime ends at one point then there is always another situation open which breeds crime.

The changed title of her book is CRIME NEVER ENDS.

The film deals with the aspect of still prevalent crimes by the dacoits in the hinterland who thrive on kidnapping and the ransom.

Apart from several other factors, it the widespread of illiteracy and poverty in the backward areas of India, which gives rise to crime, dacoits and the victimization.
Raiya Sinha as Gauraiya
Karamveer Chudhary as Dhanuwa
Vijay Jora as Kali Patel
Sumit Chawla as Sukhna
Shushma Salvi

Banner – B. R. Films Vision.
Producer – Bhojraj Guneja
Director – Rajesh Hans
Story, Screenplay and Dialogues – Rajesh Hans
Music Director – Shiv Rajoriya
Editor – Sunder Shetty
Released by Big Curtains Media Pvt. Ltd.
Marketing and Publicity Shakeel Hashmi
Gauraiya, hindi movie review

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