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Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon – movie review

Its in his fate to get married (thrice) by accident


Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon, hindi movie review

It is engraved in SRK’s (Shiv Ram Kishan) fate to get “married by accident”. Usually, people are accident prone, but here is the hero SRK (Kapil Sharma) who is “Marriage Prone”. If this amuses you, then the movie should too.

Kapil Sharma, now internationally known as the Comedy King of small screen, debuts in Bollywood with this brainless comedy (reminds one of David Dhawan films). It used to be Govinda who could carry any brain dead scene on his own. Kapil Sharma has flashes of Govinda’s comic timing.

Successful suspense-mystery films director duo Abbas Mustan have competently entered the Comedy Genre. If one leaves logic behind at home, one is sure to enjoy this film.

Usually wise persons run away from marriage, while in this film our hero – SRK gets married not only once, but thrice and reluctantly in all the three ‘major instances of his life’.

It is in his destiny to get trapped each time. He has a close friend, a lawyer who advises him to buy three apartments on different floors of a multi-storey building in Mumbai, for his own convenience. Usually, in a fast-paced life in a city like Mumbai, no one would bother to know their fellow flat owners.

Hence, his commuting time from one house to another is saved. But there is a smart domestic help (Jamie Lever) who senses something wrong and often she is side tracked by SRK’s lawyer friend by explaining the logic of ‘science’. Thus saving his friend from such tricky situations.

Poor guy, also has a girlfriend who he genuinely loves and wanted to get married, but couldn’t do so due to such sticky situations occurring in his life on three occasions within a brief patch.

This girlfriend has an overly suspicious father who keeps on doubting about SRK all throughout the film.

SRK got used to manage things well so far. Until a time comes when all three spouses become friends with each other. To make the matters more complicated, this trio then become friends with SRK’s girlfriend in a ladies club gathering.

Sounds typically like a Govinda-David Dhawan comedy. Its more than that as in the end, comes a situation that all his three wives are invited by his girlfriend in their own husband’s marriage.

It remains to be seen if SRK would be able to marry with his real love and how would the three wives react.

He isn’t the chocolaty or six pack hero, yet Kapil Sharma is admirable in his Bollywood debut. Somehow one feels, it is his dialogue delivery which is the same as he appears on Television. He has a good comic timing, emotes well and apt to fill Govinda’s void in hindi film.

Elli Avram looks stunning in the song-dance sequence. The wives played by Simran Kaur Mundi, Manjari Fadnis and Sai Lokur do their bit efficiently. There are quite a few over the top moments, especially towards the end at the marriage ceremony.

This comedy is devoid of any double meanings or vulgarity, and that’s where it should be appreciated by the family audience.
For ENLARGED PICS, click on the Thumbnails:

Kapil Sharma as Shiv Ram Kishan Kumar
Elli Avram as Deepika
Simran Kaur Mundi as Simran
Manjari Fadnis as Juhi
Sai Lokur as Anjali
Arbaaz Khan as Tiger Bhai
Sharat Saxena as Kapil’s father
Supriya Pathak as Kapil’s mother
Varun Sharma as Karan (lawyer)
Kundan Pandey as Aryan
Jamie Lever as Simran’s housemaid
Manoj Joshi
Praveen K Bhatia



Credits & Crew:
Banner – Venus Records & Tapes
Produced by Ratan Jain, Ganesh Jain, Abbas Burmawalla, Mustan Burmawalla
Directors – Abbas Burmawalla, Mustan Burmawalla
Story by Anukalp Goswami
Choreographers – Ahmed Khan, Raju Khan
Screenplay by Anukalp Goswami, Dheeraj Sarna
Music by Tanishk Bagchi, Dr Zeus, Javed Mohsin, Amjad-Nadeem
Cinematography – Dilshad V.A Edited by Hussain Burmawalla

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon – movie review

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