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Rohena Gera bags Gan Fondation Award at Cannes

Rohena Gera is the first female director to bag Gan Fondation Award at 71st International Cannes Film Festival

Director Rohena Gera is the first woman filmmaker to bag Gan Foundation Award at 71st International Cannes Film Festival for Sir and she is also the only woman to get a significant prize at critics week this year. The film was selected amongst 7 films out of 1100 to be viewed by the committee.

Speaking about it, director Rohena Gera says, “I am delighted that the distributors who believed in the film even before it was selected at Cannes will receive an award and support towards the films release. What’s matters to me and what I hope is that the film reaches as wide an audience possible. A prize like this is a show of faith that that is possible!”

About Gan Foundation Award –

The Gan Foundation for Cinema is grant, within La Semaine de la Critique, an award to help distribute a first or second feature film in France in the hope of promoting new filmmakers. This Award for Distribution proves the unwavering support of the Gan Foundation for emerging talents and is given to the French distributor of one of the seven feature films in competition. The winning distributors receives €20,000 all tax included and in return they have to come up with one or several marketing strategies for the film release.


Gan Foundation awards rewards ambitious and original feature films, both fiction and animation. Corporate Foundation of Gan Assurance, the Gan Foundation is one of the most important private sponsors for French cinema.

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