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Prime Flix is targetted at Indians across the globe

PRIME FLIX - OTT Platform launch

Prime Flix – OTT platform launch

Mumbai 7 October 2019, Prime Flix

Rakesh Bhosle of PRIME FLIX launched its App on in presence of glitterati and the Entertainment media. Its logo was was unveiled by the Company’s Managing Director Rakesh Bhosle which was then followed by the glimpses of web series planned for streaming across its OTT platform.

The poster & trailer of its web series Junoon E Isshq, Tharkistan, Beer Boys Vodka Girls, Mrs Savita, Isholholic, Ghostleela, Bhadkhau was also showcased to the media.

Addressing the media, Rakesh Bhosle said, “Our app has been launched and designed in interest of Indians residing across globe. Prime flix has been developed in consideration with the change in preference in the content industry. Audiences have now started viewing content more digitally on their smart phones than on the LCD screens. Prime flix allows its subscribers to watch a wide variety of movies, reality shows, sitcoms, short films, travel shows, food shows and stand up comedy of different genres.

The Company Directors, Kiran Borkar (Films & Finance Director) & Sushil Deshpande announced that they have also produced a new Marathi web series “Bhadkau” for Marathi audiences specially which will be the most popular when it is streamed on prime flix OTT platform for subscribers

While Sushil Deshpande is the pillar of the company who aims to build an empire of creative content & reach out to masses of Indian Audience by announcing economical packages for subscribers, so that a wider category of audience can take the opportunity of viewing the content as per there choices.

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