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Spandan Foundation's Durga Puja 2019
Spandan Foundation organized a ‘DURGA PUJA with a Purpose’ which was held at The Powai Sharadotsav 2019 at Hiranandani in Mumbai is the latest initiative in line with its unconventional, unique and ‘to the point socio-cultural’ ethos. The foundation has been into several NGO activities and has contributed towards the betterment of the society.  
During the foundation’s existence of 6 years, it was the first to unveil ‘Durga Aamar’ – which states that there is Goddess within every Woman. ‘Yuva Shakti: The Power of Youth’, Janak Janani – The Golden Elders and even the upliftment of the Destitute Children have been its themes over this period. 

Award winning Bollywood director Soumik Sen (Gulab Gang) who inaugurated the event on Thursday stated, “What is striking is that the pandal is decorated is a ecologically balanced delight to see it decorated with recycled drums and terracotta idols. Quodos to Spandan for celebrating Durga pooja so responsibly particularly in the present times when  the world is bent on reducing carbon footprints.”

“We are delighted at seeing such a crowd celebrating the festival when the mother (Parvati Mata) descends from Kailash Parvat to come back to her children,” revealed Swapan K Ghosh and Subrata Mandal of Spandan Foundation who have recently spearheaded GREEN EXCHANGE where their members exchange saplings and cuttings of plants to create that little Green Corner in their respective homes. 
“This year the goddess Durga’s idol is made of Wood, Straw, Paper Mash and Clay which dons natural colours making it appear like a Green Belt and reverberate with soothing music of the deep woods, ” revealed Devika Chowdhuri and Runa Ghosh of Spandan Foundation whose sheer creativity and passion which was immensely appreciated by several Bollywood Celebrities.  
The Public Relations of Spandan Foundation’s Durga Puja is managed by Naghma Khan of SHAAZ Media Entertainment. 

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