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Dhokha – movie review

Some Betrayals are never forgotten


Dhokha movie review

The finest part of this film is that it not pro or anti any religion. It squarely points fingers at people who spread terror in the name of religion. The movie probes into the issue why people turn into jehadis and it provides some reasons. Continue – Dhokha movie review…

On the night of a deadly bombing at the New Century Club, Zaid [Muzamil Ibrahim] a Muslim police officer in Mumbai works tirelessly to help the terrorized and shattered patients admitted in the hospital. Its a night of turmoil and deaths all around one would like not to dream even in their dreams. Incidentally the cop’s wife’s body (Sara, played by gorgeous Tulip Joshi), is found amongst the dead.

To add misery to his shock, the police officer is told that his wife was not a victim but the suicide bomber herself. Then this cop is arrested on suspicion of terrorism and is thoroughly interrogated. Later even though declared innocent, he is not able to believe that his wife was a terrorist.

Zaid is torn between his loved moments, those beautiful times he spent with his wife together and the thoughts about the shocking revelations.

The timing of this movie seems apt at the present times of terrorist bombings in Hyderabad and the other routine ones taking place around the country.

The movie is competently narrative right from the beginning where the police officer is announced about this revelations. Further on, the narration by Anupam Kher is a complete eye-opener about the atrocities committed by the men using their powers, the ugly past….

Ashutosh Rana gets caught for his misdeeds, the confrontation between Munish Makhija and Muzamil is well presented. The ending has a climax at a Mumbai Railway Station which is — is fascinating.

Pooja Bhatt has come out with this third directorial venture which she has handled with proper maturity. This is the best film ever done by Pooja Bhatt.

About the performances, the cop played by Muzamil Ibrahim is a good and promising actor to watch. Tulip Joshi looks dazzling and although she hardly has any lines to deliver, its her splendid screen presence and the efforts in her role which is worth watching.

The veteran Anupam Kher lives up to his reputation. Grover is apt for his role and he actually seem to look like the character. Ashutosh Rana playing the role of the heroine’s brother (Tulip’s brother ) is efficient. Bhanu Uday is commendable. Aushima Sawhney does a excellent work. Anupam Shyam is okay but Munish Makhija is able.

Filmytown’s comment on the movie:
Powerful. Thought-provoking. Fine film yet, disturbing. That is the film DHOKHA, directed by Pooja Bhatt.

Cast and Credits

Presenter : Mahesh Bhatt
Banner : Vishesh Films
Fish Eye Network Pvt Ltd
Muzammil Ibrahim as  Zaid Ahmed
Tulip Joshi as Sarah
Anupam Kher, Gulshan Grover, Ashutosh Rana, Anupam Shyam, Vineet Kumar,
Aushima Sawhney…… Nandini
Bhanu Uday, Abhay Sacchar, Raj Saluja
Singers: K K, Shiraz Uppal, Ustad Rafaqat Ali Khan, M M Kreem, Shreya Ghosal
Lyricists: Shakeel Azmi, Sayeed Qadri, Khushbir Singh Shaad, Bharat Bhushan Pant
Music Director: M M Kreem, Shiraz Uppal
Executive / Associate / Co-Producer: Pooja Bhatt
Cinematography: Anshuman Mahaley
Action: Abbas Ali Moghul
Editor: Deven Murdeshwar
Screenplay: Shagufta Rafique
Dialogue: Shagufta Rafique
Story / Writer: Mahesh Bhatt
Dhokha movie review