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Heyy Babyy – movie review

Three Bachelors & a Baby. Fun all around!


Heyy Babyy movie review

We have 3 bachelors, playboys in their sharing accomodation – Aroush (Akshay Kumar), Tanmay (Ritesh Deshmukh) and Ali (Fardeen Khan) residing in Sydney, Australia. They flirt, dine and have one night affairs with a number of women without thinking of how much hurt they might cause to them. Heyy Babyy review continues..

Then on one fine day, there is a knock on the door and a parcel which changes their lives forever. Its a baby girl cuddled in a basket lying at their door-step with a note saying ‘ kutte kamine apne bachche ko sambhalo ’. You dogs, you have had much fun around. Now face it. Bring up the child yourself.

Obviously one of them impregnated a girl and now she wants nothing of the kid. Not knowing to whom the note was referred to, the three have no choice but to take care of the baby. The boys who used to romance women are now trapped changing diapers and answering midnight baby tantrums. Tired of it now and now they abandon the baby outside the gate of a church. Its a rainy night, after a drink or so, they realize the mistake, run back to the spot and find the baby fully drenched in the overflowing basket under the rains. It almost gone. But some prayers and luck on their side they save the baby, and later realize that they have changed away from their philandering ways, and are more responsible in thinking. The innocence of the baby wins the hearts of these three and love prevails between them now.

A knock on the door and this time its the baby’s mother, with the cops has come to claim it…

Its the child in this movie. The baby has done an unknowingly good job.

Heyy Babyy is surely a fine product from Sajid Khan in his directoral debut. Shahrukh Khan is featured in a refreshing song in the second half. Akshay Kumar is fantastic in comic moments, and the thinking impeccable Boman Irani add to the laughs. Vidya Balan looks beautiful and plays the stubborn individual well. Fardeen Khan surprisingly is good in comic scenes. Well executed scenes and good comedy makes this movie worth watching with family.

Akshay Kumar – Aroush
Fardeen Khan – Al
Ritesh Deshmukh – Tanmay
Vidya Balan – Esha
Boman Irani – Esha’s Father
Shah Rukh Khan

Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala
Director: Sajid Khan
Music: Shankar Eshan Loy
Story: Sajid Khan and Milap Zaver
Screenplay: Sajid Khan
Production Company: Sajid Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
Foreign Distributor: Eros Entertainment Inc. (US)
Domestic Distributor: Bollywood Eros Network
Heyy Babyy review