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Kaisay Kahein – movie review

Torn between personal & professional preferences


Kaisay Kahein movie review

The director has chosen a nice topic where in ones life, it often brings in unpredicted and unwanted situations especially when your own career comes in way of your love life. We face the situation where a one has to choose the right path for making love a worthwhile journey while having ones professional goals intact that’s what Kaisay Kahein is about.

Set in London, ‘Kaisey Kahen’ is a urban-centric story of romance between banker Aditya (Rajveer Dutt) and TV journalist Radhika (Neha Julka) starts off warmly. They fall in love and go along well for two years without any problems at all.

Aditya, 25, was doing wonderfully as a banker and was already aiming at the CEO’s position. Radhika hails from affluent business family who aims to be hot-shot journalist. Ironically, it was this media-savvy profession of hers which made her come close to Aditya. All seemed to go well as they spent time with each other and fell deeper in love.

The hero has no time for meeting the girl’s aunt since he is “too busy in his professional meetings”. There are instances leading to misunderstandings which distances the lovers and makes them stranger for ever. Their professional life started dominating over their personal life and they were spending some quality time away from each other. Both of them have reached to a stage where they have to be on their toes but their personal life was getting neglected. Radhika had to leave for another city after her promotion.

Our ambitious female journalist gets promoted and has to shift base from London to Mumbai.

She expects him to stop her from professional endeavors, but he instead finds no reason to do so. This long distance relationship was accepted between the two. Life’s mechanical as usual. Incidentally, Aditya finds love through his newly appointed boss (Aditi Govritkar) but still within, he craves for Radhika.

Newcomer Rajveer Dutt, being a model works out earnestly for acting. Neha Jhulka, who makes her first screen appearance in Hindi films is appealing and put in better efforts. Kunal Kumar is too good as comedian as he is experienced in his successful comedy shows. Chhavi Mittal, a TV star too is put in convincing efforts.

Cinematography by Setu is breathtaking and works well in capturing London’s urban delights. Pritam’s music is the major highlight of the film.

Morale of Kaisay Kahein is – riches can buy luxury but not love and satisfaction in life.

Rajveer Dutt, Neha Julka, Kunal Kumar, Shital Shah, Aditi Govitrikar, Meghna Malik, Zarina Wahab, Chavvi Mittal

Banner : Sahara One Motion Pictures
Director: Mohit Hussein
Presenter : Smita Thackeray
Producer : Siddhesh Productions
Executive Producer : Prakash Pange
Director : Mohit Hussein, Music: Pritam
Lyricist : Irshad Kamil, Rahul Seth
Cinematographer : M Sethuraman
Story: Mohit Hussein, Dialogue: Smita Kapoor
Screenplay WriterS : Prakash Pange, Surendra Bhatia, Mohit Hussein Editor : Ravi Kumar
Playback SingerS : Zubeen Garg, Shaan, Sonu Nigam, Nikita Nigam, Sukhwinder Singh, Mahalaxmi Iyer
Kaisay Kahein movie review