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Bumper Draw – Hindi movie review

A mad-cap Comedy


Bumper Draw - Hindi movie review

A hilarious film centered around two pivotal characters – Farooque a cabbie & William the conman. A third funny character Sunderlal (a villager) who comes to Mumbai in search of a job gets involved with them in a strange situation.

This comedy drama has been shot in real locations in all over Mumbai which features Mahim slums and the Bhindi Bazaar in South Mumbai.

The film begins with an old Parsi Man Pestonji who narrates his tale to a Television Channel, the adventure which begin with Farooque’s taxi accidentally knocking off the old Parsi gentleman. The burden of getting him treated with First-Aid falls on them else, the crowd would run riot with the cab driver as usually it happens in Mumbai.

As it is the taxi driver and William are having a hard day with William being duped of 10 Lakh Rupees by his girlfriend who vanished overnight with the dough. William used to organize and manage a VC (an Indian system of pooling in money from 20 people, and then lending it to any one of them who bids the highest amount of interest he is ready to pay).

VC or VeeCee is run on system of trust amongst the people who have formed a group or a syndicate. If any one of them defaults in his monthly payments, the VC goes bust. But in this case it is the organizer himself William who is stripped of the huge collection. He spends the evening with his girlfriend who could have spiked his drink, leaving him penniless the next morning.

Farooque the taxi driver takes William to a Baba (a Psychic played by Zakir Hussain) who is believed to be Clairvoyant and helps those in distress through his occult powers. But the pecular trait about him is if he swears on his disciple or showers swear words, then the disciple is sure to solve his problem. It the Baba talks nicely to the follower, then the issue remains unsolved!

Thus begins the mad-cap adventure leading to proceedings which lead to one instance to another. Which then follows the inclusion of a domestic help Komal Bai (Seema Azami), Dr Y.I.M. Bedi (Narendra Bedi), the job-seeker Sunderlal (Omkar Das Manikpuri) the tiffin supplier Waman Bhalerao (Sitaram Panchal) and a host of other funny characters.

Twist in the story appears when the doctor realises that the injured old Parsi man is missing and there is a reward of Rupees 50 lakhs to anyone who brings him back to his house. This is the BUMPER DRAW (PRIZE).

What begins with light comedy, realistic settings, identifiable characters thriving in the underbelly of Mumbai, it then turns out to be over preachy towards the end and thats why it falls short of being listed in one of the masterpiece comedies in Bollywood.

Superlative performances from Rajpal Yadav, Subrat Dutta and Zakir Hussain. It is this trio that acts as a tripod stand making the film stand out from other ordinary comedy fares in the filmy town.

An extra Half Star for the performances.

Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Rajpal Yadav As Farooq
Zakir Hussain as Gali Babba
Subrat Dutta as William
Rushad Rana as Nariman
Bomi Dotiwala as Pestonjee
Omkar Das Manikpuri as Sunderlal – the distraught villager
Seema Azami as Komal Bai
Abhishek Ingale as Rafiq
Deepa Sethi as Priya
Reena Charnya as Sharmila
Narendra Bedi as Dr. Y I M Bedi
Harish Kumaar as Haricharan
Sitaram Panchal as Vaman Bhalerao – the Tiffin Carrier
Hrishikesh Joshi as Inspector Parab
Special appearance – Meera (Pakistani Actress) in an item song

Production company – Blackk Stone Entertainment, Black Pearl Movie Pvt. Ltd.
Produced by Irshad Khan
Directed by Irshad Khan
Written by Rashid Khan
Music by Rahul Mishra
Cinematography – S. Kannan
Edited by Rohit Dhiman
Media Relations – Ashwani Shukla (Altair Media)
Bumper Draw, Hindi movie, review

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