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JAATIWAD – Hindi movie review

Action drama based on Casteism


Jaatiwad - hindi movie review

JAATIWAD does deliver a strong message about how our legal system time and again fails to deliver justice on time. It is an action-drama film with a message to end the communal rivalries.

“JAATIWAD” which means Casteism is the centre of the story of this film which is about two groups in the College elections, which are backed by respective Political parties.

These wily politicians breed the new generation of Politicians right from their college years. This brings fresh force for them at a great bargain. A new set of party workers, who are more aggressive and obedient towards their seniors. The motive behind this is to manipulate these youngsters for their political gains.

Director Sabir Shaikh and Producer Anand Kumar Gupta have managed to get a solid supporting cast for JAATIWAD high on drama with really over the top dialogues.

First half of JAATIWAD is stands a tense, dark, toxic & humorous entertainment performance and the second half with climax that has excessive violence. But this is a fact, that still exists in the hinterlands of our country.

The two factions are headed by Sayaji Shinde, who is now most important actor of south film industry Manoj Joshi who is a big of a principled politician.

Manoj Joshi, the stage actor has delivered an impressive performance in the film.

New comers Jitendra Yadav and Ananya Sarckar’s performance are also among the good assets of the film, which has somewhat average production values.

Some poignant scenes do question our society’s attitude towards casteism. Jitendra Yadav’s brave act gives the film the ballast it needs.

The story on ill-effects of Casteism could have been made more interesting, yet it is balance with an above average screenplay that keeps the audience engrossed in the story which is penned by Sabir Shaikh and Anand Kumar Gupta.

It is Director Sabir Shaikh’s second mainstream Bollywood outing after the riveting KARAR- The Deal which belonged to a different genre.

Producer Anand Kumar Gupta’s “JAATIWAD” deals with the rot in the system, coupled with age-old beliefs of Casteism, which is manipulated by the rich and powerful, where the plebeians are the ones which go thru the grind.


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Shayaji Shinde
Manoj Joshi
Jitendra Yadav
Akhilesh Verma
Ananya Sarckar
Special appearances by Hrishita Bhatt, Jaspindar Narula

Credits & Crew:
Banner – ACA Colours Film Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Presented by Farhat Khan Films
Director – Sabir Sheikh
Produced by Anand Kumar Gupta & Imran Khan
Writer & Lyrics Jeetendra Yadav
Music – Shashikant-Sunny
DOP – Neetu Iqbal Singh
Choreographer – Jojo Khan & Kanu Mukherjee
Edited by Rajendra Mahapatra
Distributed by Israr Ahmed, Screen Short Media & Entertainment Group
Publicity by Fortune Lifeline’s Shabeer Sheikh
Music released by Shahab Allahabadi of Yellow & Red
Jaatiwad, hindi movie, review

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