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Mere Sai Ram – movie review

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Mere Sai Ram movie review

Sai Baba the revered Saint and Spiritual Guru always guides his disciples through their troubles.

This film is not a docu-drama on the life of Sai Baba like the earlier films, rather it delves into the relationship between a devotee and ‘Sai Baba’.

It talks about the teachings of Saibaba and its increasing relevance in today’s world and how his principles can form the basis of an ideal society.

Sudhir Dalvi, who is known for playing ‘Shirdi Sai Baba’ on the screen is essaying the revered saint.

Dhondiram (Mukul Nag) is a Sai Baba devotee and hence Baba gives him frequent darshans. The movie explores this relationship between the revered saint and his devotee, and how the devotee makes himself a medium, to achieve a seemingly insurmountable task.

One night Sai Baba appears in Dhondiram’s dream and asks him to build a temple in his village. Hand to mouth as the previous monsoon could not bring him bumper crop, Dhondiram is perplexed. The Saint blesses him and says that God will open the doors which lead him to his destiny.

The parallel track is that of Dhondiram’s younger sister Savita who is of a marriageable age and the farmer and his wife have this frequent discussions to get this girl married.

The Zamindar of his village who is evil by nature, has his younger brother returning from his studies abroad. His brother Prakash falls madly in love with the poor peasant’s sister, which is instantly approved by the Zamindar’s wife, but fiercely opposed by the Zamindar.

Sai Baba frequently appears in vision, in dreams and in reality to his devotees and shows the path to truthfulness and resolves their problems.

How the pure and innocent Dhondiram fulfills Sai Baba’s wishes and then how the divine saint helps, guide the Dhondiram to get his sister married happily is the rest of the story.

It has a couple of melodious bhajans and hymns in praise of Sai Baba Devotees which could add to the collection of Sai Baba devotees.
Sudhir Dalvi as Sai Baba
Mukul Nag as Dhondiram
Smita Dongre as Lajjo (Dhondiram’s wife)
Piew Jana as Savita
Sunil Singh
Kiran Sharma
Arvind Singh
Master Sairaj
Reshma Merchant
Rahul Barapatra
Dhananjay Chaudhari
Vinod Anana

Credits & Crew:
Produced by SRG Films & Video
Produced by Sujit Ghosh, Arundhati Ghosh
Director – Navin joshi
Music Director – Shakil Ahmed
Lyrics – Sujit Chosh, Hemangi Bhatte
Story – Sujit Ghish
Screenplay, Dialogues – Shakil Ahmed
Director of Photography – Manish Sarkar
Art – Sandeep Bera
Public Relations – Fame Media, Wasim Siddiqui
Mere Sai Ram – movie review

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