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TV star Vibhav Roy’s Bollywood debut with REDRUM

Vibhav Roy in Redrum

Popular for his work in Television serials Gustakh Dil, Darmiyaan and Doli Armano Ki, Vibhav Roy has also excelled in his academic stream. Having spent most of his schooling and college studies in Australia and New Zealand he is qualified as a Certified Accountant having finished his studies in IBM from Australia. REDRUM read more…

Vibhav plays the lead role opposite Pakistani actress Saaeda Imtiaaz in REDRUM – A love story which is produced by Durgesh Paul and directed by Dhruv Sachdev and Sourabh Bali. Another important aspect of this film is that there is a third character who plays a pivotal part in the film. This third character is played by late actor Tom Alter. This is enough to see the movie which would have Tom Alter’s powerful performance equally matched by the young pair Vibhav and Saaeda.


Vibhav Roy speaks to FilmyTown about his forthcoming debut film REDRUM – A Love Story.

Vibhav tell us what is REDRUM – A love story about?
The film is a psychological thriller with three principal characters which carries a message in a subtle way. I would not mention more about this at the moment as Dhruv and Saurabh have directed me not to give away anything more about this slick spine-chilling thriller.

What is your role in the film?
I play the character of Daksh, a musician by profession. Professionally Daksh is a successful person but his life is plagued by doing drugs and then the narrative goes forward. As he is habituated in drug abuse, this always lands him in trouble at various instances.

What is Saeeda Imtiaz’s role?
Saeeda plays Daksh’s girlfriend. The film begins as a breezy love story and then as it proceeds, it shapes up as a psychological thriller.

How different is it acting in a feature film compared to your stint in Television?
I would say, it isn’t much different at all. Technically, nowadays the sets and equipments used in Television almost match up to that of Bollywood. Even the scale of preps, make-up and acting matches upto filmy standards. As an actor, I do my work as directed to me and emote accordingly. I do not change my expression given a situation whether it is for Television or for a feature film.

Talk about research, preps and shooting locations of the film.
The director duo have excelled in researching the subject and prior to shootings Dhruv and I went through several readings. The film was almost completely shot in and around Delhi and I was amazed with the sincerity and honest efforts put in by almost all the team.

Give us one aspect about the film which would go down well with the audiences?
The film is scary as well as entertaining. It is not creepy all throughout. It is scripted well and has good content coupled with good music. I would say that it is an earnest effort by the team which the audience will realise.

How was it working with Tom Alter?
(On an emotional tone) Tom Sir never treated us like freshers. I would always look up to him as a fatherly figure, but he instead would act and behave with me as a friend, as my elder brother. There were some tricky situations where I was guided by him so well, that the problem never occurred to complex as previously thought.
Tom Alter had developed a special bonding for me which I could feel it within. I am feeling so bad that this gentleman with the heart of gold has left the world. I pray to God wherever he is to keep him happy.

Tom Alter with Vibhav Roy

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