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Thodi Thodi Si Manmaaniyan, movie review

Youth, music competition, rock band, street plays and the inner desire of today's youth to bring a change in the society. This sums up the gist of this breezy youthful drama.

One cannot tag it as a romantic drama as the director has skillfully and very realistically displayed the growing bond between Siddharth and Neha, which is usually rare in the present Genre of Bollywood flicks.

There is nothing over the top nor any larger than life characters. Just a simple story of Siddharth (Arsh Sehrawat), a young boy who is brought up by his single mother with dreams of settling abroad.

Like any other youth of his age, he is following the herd mentality of going abroad for further studies after his graduation in India. When will our Indians wake up and realise that we have best of the educational i ....
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Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive, movie review
A sequel to Tere Bin Laden, this no-brainer comedy film has glimpses of the first part that craftily connects in this story of subsequent events with all its silly antics. This time, it's operation 'Osama Dead or Alive'? Set against Osama Bin Laden’s mysterious death followed by counter reports claiming he is alive, stirring the biggest controversy in the world. The US wants to prove to the world that they shot him dead while ‘Khalili ‘(Piyush Mishra) the terrorist arm dealer wants the world to believe he is alive. 'Tere Bin Laden - Dead or Alive' is a whacky comical satire that transpires in this desperate tug of war between US & the Terrorists. The US media seeks proof from the President about Osama's death, hence the US president sends his aide under disguise of a Hollywood producer to film the attack on Osama's hideout in Abotabad and capture his death. Stuck in ....
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Tamasha - Movie Review
Create your own myth, choose your own story. This is what the director tells us through Tamasha which has Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in love with each other. We have a fairy-tale romance of Ranbir and Deepika's love story with the backdrop of picturesque Corsica bistros, dreamy countryside, sparkling blue waters. This could go down as one of the most complex love stories woven by Imtiaz Ali. ‘Tamasha’ tell you that one doesn't need to be satisfied with the stories that one hears around. Ved Vardhan Sahni (Ranbir Kapoor) is enchanted by stories, who grows up hearing them and expresses himself by performing them. Ved is a dreamer. A free spirited person who wants everybody around him to be happy. An average guy, he is a nomad, going out of his way to please people. We get to see the three stages of a boy growing up – as a nine-year-old child, then a 19-year-old adolescent ....
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Talvar, hindi movie review
Irrfan Khan's performance, Meghna Gulzar's direction and above all, its story and crisp screenplay by Vishal Bharadwaj makes Talvar a must watch film. Talvar explores the socio-economic divides in urban India: the affluent doctor-couple, the Uttar Pradesh policemen with their regressive mindsets and rough methods of investigation, and the migrants engaged in lowly jobs. And the procedural protocol that exists in the Police System. A high profile double murder case in 2008 in Noida, India where a 14-year old Aarushi Talwar was found murdered at her home. The suspicion pointed out to the 45 year old servant who was missing from the house. The next day his dead body was discovered in another part of the building. Now the police suspected that teenage girl's parents had murdered her with the theory that the father must have murdered the two after finding them in an 'objectionable' positio ....
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Tanu Weds Manu Returns
A sequel to 'Tanu Weds Manu', the couple leads a happy married life in Europe. It is nearly 4 years of their marriage, that Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) and Manu (R. Madhavan) loose interest in living together. She is ruing the loss of romance, while he too, is struggling to figure out what exactly has gone wrong. They visit a counselor, who makes the matters worse and next we see that they are separated. Their marriage is on the rocks with Tanu at one juncture accusing Manu of being devoid of any spark. To which Manu retorts "I am not a lighter." Tanu wants to seperate and so she returns to her hometown in Kanpur, India where she feels free and is back to her wild ways. Manu comes to Delhi for a change in his life, until he meets the Haryanvi athlete Kusum aka Datto (Kangana Ranaut in a double role) - who resembles Tanu. Manu gets interested in this different yet a look-alike girl and come ....
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Tevar - Hindi movie review
Releasing on 9 January 2015 Cast Arjun Kapoor as Pintoo Shukla Sonakshi Sinha as Radhika Manoj Bajpayee as Gajendar Singh Kader Khan as a Police Officer Himanshu Singh as Rohan   ....
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Tum Ho Yaara Film Review
Shiva (Ganesh Venkatraman) is a software engineer, in love with medical student Meera (Shobana). Meera’s Father Rajaraman (Thirumudi) is a don who taken law in his hands to provide justice. Tum Ho Yaara is a love triangle-cum-thriller starring Ganesh Venkatraman, Kalpana Pandit & Shobana, directed by Natty Kumar & Dr. Jay while J. Shiva is a witness to a crime, which he comes to know that his girl friend's father is the perpetrator. Shiva is planning to go to the US for bright prospects and so Meera is keen that before he departs, Shiva should meet her father and ask for her hand. On meeting the girl's father, Shiva instantly recognizes Rajaraman, who does not like Shiva. Taking advantage of the fact that Shiva is in love with his daughter, the father challenges Shiva saying that once he is in the US, he will forget Meera after 2 years since he would not be having any contac ....
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Awesome 3D effects in the best on-screen Spiderman film with amazing, breathtaking action sequences and fight scenes. Get ready for high-octane action sequences and mind-blowing fight scenes, and rightly claimed in the film publicity with the announcements "HIS GREATEST BATTLE BEGINS". Andrew Garfield, returns to the role of Peter Parker after launching a new chapter in the hero’s story in 2012 with The Amazing Spider-Man. It’s great to be Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield). For Peter Parker, there’s no feeling quite like swinging between skyscrapers, embracing being the hero, and spending time with Gwen (Emma Stone). We’ve always known that Spider-Man’s most important conflict has been within himself: the struggle between the ordinary obligations of Peter Parker and the extraordinary responsibilities of Spider-Man. But now, Peter finds that his greatest battle is about to begin. ....
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A sc-fi techno-thriller loaded with interesting ideas. It is all about  Artifical Intelligence, Mind control and Robotics, this film appears way ahead of its time. Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp), the foremost researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence, working to create a sentient machine that combines the collective intelligence of everything ever known with the full range of human emotions. His highly controversial experiments have made him famous, but they have also made him the prime target of anti-technology extremists who will do whatever it takes to stop him. Will Caster has a dream to make man as 'powerful as God' through this creation of Artificial Intelligence. He is shot at the presentation led by his wife and fellow researcher Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) to attract potential sponsors. Will Caster survives the initial attach, but then the doctors give him a month or so as ....
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Total Siyapaa
Settled in London, Aman (Ali Zafar) hopes to marry Asha (Yaami Gautam), an Indian girl, also based in London. Asha is of Indian origin and Aman is a Pakistani national, both are residents in the United Kingdom. Aman visits the girls parents' house to seek their permission. On the day when he is supposed to meet Asha's parents, an unfortunate incident occurs as due to some misunderstanding he is mistaken as a terrorist and goes through the strip-search by the cops. He is let off at the station, and is in lowest of his spirits and wants to postpone his meeting with the girl's parents for some other day. However Asha is insistent that he finish the task on that day itself, and despite his hesitation, they head for the girls parents house. Aman finds it very difficult to impress her family especially when they come to know that he is a Pakistani. As the title suggest Total Siyapaa means ....
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