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Trump Card – movie review

Sting operations, spy work and murders in this suspense thriller


Trump Card, movie review

A string of murders kicks off this suspense film directed by Arshad Khan who is the son of senior character actor Yunus Parvez. Trump Card movie review

Trump Card movie revolves around a huge transaction of property which leads to murders and sting operations and spy work. Young people get involved in order to make quick money and using girls, love and friendship.

There are three friends Veer, Raj and Rahul.

Veer (Haider Khan) is a container yard owner with a hot head. No one messes with him. He is a playboy with lots of girl-friends. Raj Kohli (Pankaj) is a happy go lucky guy absolutely in love with his girl-friend. Rahul (Vikrum Kumar) is an honest media guy.

Among the female characters, there is Shaina (Urvashi Chaudhary), a fashion model and a page 3 person. Simran (Mansi Dovhal) is very possessive about her boy friend Raj. Tanya (Yashica Keswani) is a crime section reporter in Rahul’s news channel. She is very sharp.

Trump Card is a suspense action thriller in which people are murdered for a specific cause. Everyone is disillusioned and clueless trying to find who is the killer and for what is he murdering persons one after another? It doesn’t seem only for the money, it is something else too..

The three friends Rahul, Raj and Veer get suddenly wound up in Rani Yashodhara Devi’s will and they are entitled to get Rupees 900 crores among all three of them..

But there’s a clause which states that if one friend is missing the amount will be divided into two but if 2 are missing then the entire amount of Rs.900 crores would go to the only survivor and if all the 3 are not found then all the amount would be transferred to Mr. Malhotra’s N.G.O. “AKSHAR”.

The question arises as to why Rani Yashodhra Devi gave such a big chunk of her wealth to these 3 college friends and not to any one if her relatives. It’s quite strange?

Now, a killer is on the loose to get his hands on that money or so it seems.

Veer’s friend Ruby wanted to warn them that their life is in danger but before she could spill the beans, she was murdered.

In the end the Mind Boggling mystery is disclosed and the Trump card is revealed to everyone’s Shock…

And there’s another big surprise waiting around the corner as the suspense heightens. That’s the Trump Card!

Cast of Trump Card:
Hyder Khan – Veer
Vikram Singh – Rahul
Urvashi Chowdhary – Shaina
Pankaj – Raj Kohli
Mansi Dovhal – Simran
Hyder Ali
Yashika – Tanya
Sheetal Bedi
Vikas Anand
Vishwajeet Pradhan
Ehsaan Khan
Sashi Sharma

Credits & Crew of Trump Card:
Banner: Archage Films Pvt. Ltd.
Presenter: Ram Mohan Gupta
Director: Arshad Khan
Producer: Reema Gupta
Music Director: Lalit Sen
Lyrics Nawab Arzoo, Shakeel Azmi
Cinematographer Shakeel Ansari
Choreographer Haseena Minaz
Action: Abbas Ali Moghul
Singers: Shaan, Alka Yagnik, Suzanne D’mello, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kunal Ganjawala
Trump Card, movie review