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Thodi Life Thoda Magic – movie review


Thodi Life Thoda Magic, movie review

Our lives are spent living in set patterns, immersed in daily routines, compromising ourselves in relationships, both business and personal, all in the search of a secure future, unaware that life is passing us by. Thodi Life Thoda Magic movie review…

Thodi Life Thoda Magic is a light hearted film that attempts to understand the reasoning in finding happiness in life with a story which attempts to understand the difference between mere existence and enjoying life with all its ups and downs.

We see around that people’s lives are used up in finding the middle ground in relationships and in search of money. In these efforts to get through life, one tends to ignore smaller things which can influence one’s emotions.

Based on this foundation, the film traces the explorations of MK (Jackie Shroff), a man who lives for the day and moment, and whose personality is underlined by a kindhearted and caring soul. He lives for today, for this moment, yet his devil-may-care personality is underlined by a compassionate and caring attitude.

Siddharth is the creative director in a media company, who is on the lookout for a simple face to complete his documentary on Mumbai. Impressed by MK’s simplicity and modesty, Siddharth selects him after auditioning several faces. Writer Naina Jasraj (Meera Vasudevan) instantly connects to MK’s simplicity and befriends him. Very soon, the documentary turns into a news-based television show, in an attempt to garner higher TRPs. MK is made to anchor the show, and he goes through a troubled time. Naina is also inspired by MK and she learns to believe in herself and build newer and better relationships. Sometime later, Siddhartha and Naina feel that MK’s reputation is being misused.

Suddenly it is revealed that MK is suffering from some kind of health problem and in the past he was in a mental asylum. The movie is about how people try to market everything in life and try to earn money out of it and there is a care-free person like MK doesn’t realize that he is being misused or he just doesn’t care?

Likewise, MK changes the lives of other people like Roshan (Arbaaz Khan), Ashima (Anita Raj) and Aditya (Parmeet Sethi). It is MK’s charisma and insights of life which lend a hand to these people to rediscover the magic behind a person’s sentiments and the importance of relationships. MK’s philosophy refashions the lives of the characters he meets, helping them understand themselves, making them aware that – Life can be magical. The story is about human bonding and the theme that love bonds can create magic in peoples’ lives.

Except from above average direction and Jackie’s performance, there is nothing in the movie that is worth a mention. Vinay Tiwari’s music is average. Jackie Shroff’s efforts are in vain in this just about average film. Arbaaz Khan seems to take it for granted. It is the producer-actor Saahil Chadha who has a noteworthy performance.

Cast of Thodi Life Thoda Magic:
MK – Jackie Shroff
Siddharth – Saahil Chadha
Naina Jasraj – Meera Vasudevan
Roshan – Arbaaz Khan
Ashima – Anita Raj
Aditya – Parmeet Sethi
Harsha Bhogle

CREDITS of Thodi Life Thoda Magic:
Director: Anand L Rai
Producer: Sahil Chadda
Story – Barnali Shukla
Original Music by Raju Singh
Cinematography by Raju Kaygee, Amitabha Singh
Film Editing by Ballu Saluja
Editorial Digital Intermediate Colorist – Rajiv Sundararaju
Lyrics – Sunil Jogi, Aanand L Raj, Irshad Kamil
Music – Vinay Tiwari
Banner – Risaa Entertainment Pvt. Ltd & Fizz Entertainment
Thodi Life Thoda Magic, movie review