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Arsh Sehrawat – The ‘Thodi Thodi si Manmaaniyan’ boy

Arsh Sherawat in Thodi Si Manmaaniya

Meet the handsome dude  Arsh Sehrawat who plays the central character in the romantic thriller Thodi Thodi si Manmaaniyan which is slated to release in cinemas on 12th May 2017.

Born and brought up in Delhi and having completed schooling and college there itself. While he was planning to do dance, drama and theatre in an institute abroad, it was his parents who advised, “If you are thinking of doing something in fine arts, then why go abroad, don’t we have reputed schools in India itself?”

Hence, we caught up with this MADE IN INDIA actor Arsh Sehrawat who opted to do my acting course from Whistling Woods here, which he now feels is the most satisfying decision in his life.

Tell us about your character in your debut film – Thodi Thodi si Manmaaniyan.
Arsh Sehrawat: My characters name is Siddharth Kaul, a college going youth pursuing his architecture studies and is raised by his single mother who wishes for him to go abroad for further studies.
My character is that of a typical college youth who usually aspire to pursue their streams like engineering or science and thats what the youth thinks thats how it works.

What is it about the music band in the story?
Siddharth is a passionate musician who can sing and plays guitar and becomes a part of a band which is formed by his close friend.
Then comes a turning point with certain circumstances and the turn of events that was never expected to unfold otherwise in my life.

How was it as an Acting student in the school?
This was my first step into acting where in Whistling Woods I got good exposure in short films throughout my training period at the institute.
It was great fun while getting insights of the other departments of film making.

What is the film about?
Siddharth, a young boy is brought up by his single mother with dreams of settling abroad. Being a part of a rock band “Antriksha”; Siddharth participates in a contest which changes his life completely.

Not only that, he meets Neha Datta (played by Shrenu Parikh). a folk singer and a social activist and gets smitten by her ideologies. In the midst of all this, he comes face to face with his father’s death.

Will Siddharth be able to come across the truth? Will he realize his passion, discover himself or will his mother convince him to let go off his past?

Thodi Thodi si Manmaaniyan (Credits)
Produced by: Satish Kumar & Rohandeep Singh
Director: Aditya Sarpotdar
Written By: Param Kalra
Screenplay : Ajinkya Kishore, Param Kalra, Amjad Khan

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