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WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair ready for dance class from Varun Dhawan

Charlotte Flair with Varun Dhawan

WWE’s CHARLOTTE FLAIR gets ‘Bollywood Ready’ with a special dance class from Actor VARUN DHAWAN

WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair experienced power packed moments with some incredible Bollywood moves and a yoga lesson from Bollywood Actor Varun Dhawan. Varun, a well know WWE fan caught up with Charlotte to get her ‘Bollywood ready’ and chat candidly about their fitness routines and his love for the sport. The exciting afternoon kicked off with Varun and Charlotte discussing all things WWE, including Varun’s favorite WWE Superstars of all time, including Charlotte Flair’s father – the legendary Ric Flair. He reminisced his favorite WWE moments growing up and had a complete fanboy moment interacting with Charlotte.

Varun also led Charlotte through the basics of yoga, demonstrating and teaching her how to perform the ‘Surya Namaskar’ and engaged in a fun showdown of who could hold a plank longer as they discussed how they stay fit and how they like to spend their days off. Charlotte then expressed how she finds Bollywood songs extremely catch and Varun did not miss the opportunity of shaking a leg with the ‘Queen of WWE’ in person, teaching her some iconic Bollywood moves to popular tracks.

Varun ended the splendid afternoon by confessing his lifelong dream of watching WrestleMania Live in the US to which Charlotte happily extended an invitation and asked Varun to come witness her winning a match. Will we see the duo back in action at WrestleMania 36? Will we get to see Charlotte Flair in a Bollywood movie sometime soon? Stay tuned to find out more.

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