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Deepak Singh (Shankar Pandey of Deswa) at the IFFI, Goa

He has come from the interiors of India. Would have been an exciting journey and some hardships in the course of his journey to Bollywood.

Deepak Singh has made a mark in the Bhojpuri film industry with his intense performance in the Bhojpuri film Deswa which was screened at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) atGoa.

He plays the character of Shanker Pandey who is living with his elder brother and ‘bhabhi’. Shanker is a victim of the system that despite his graduation and passing the entrance test for clerical examinations, he is directed to bribe Rupees 2 lakh the interviewer to get that job. A typical example of thousands of youth in Bihar and the inability to fight the system.

Deepak is tall, has a pleasing personality and was limping a bit due to his foot injury at a recent shooting. FilmyTown caught up with him post the adulation he received at the IFFI screening in Goa.

FilmyTown: Tell us about your journey in the filmy industry.
Deepak: My journey started from a modest small town in Bihar to the city of dreams, Mumbai!! It was never easy, there were innumerable hurdles in my path but one thing that kept me going and instilled confidence in me were the words of encouragement and motivation given by my parents. They have been the constant pillars of strength for me since the beginning.

FilmyTown: Heard that you have completed your college, unlike other who tend to leave it mid-way in their quest to enter the industry.
Deepak: As far as my formal education is concerned, I am a graduate in History Honors from J.P.University, Bihar.

FilmyTown: That’s academic qualification. Any formal training in acting?
Deepak: While in school and even in my college days, I was active in theater  To brush up my talent and skills I joined the Elite School of Modelling, Actor Prepares(Anupam Kher), Shakur Dance Academy and learnt Martial Art from Mr. Ratan Nagdev.

FilmyTown: What have you been doing then, after that?
Deepak: Soon after completing my training courses, I started doing a lot of Print Ads initially followed by a couple of TV Ads and I also did a Tamil Movie called ‘Aegan’ which was the Tamil remake of ‘Main Hoon Naa’. Then I got ‘DESWA’, a Bilingual movie which became the turning point in my career.

FilmyTown: What about Bollywood?
Deepak: After some auditions and look tests I landed a crucial second lead role in my first Hindi film ‘Ek Bura Aadmi’ which is going to be released in March next year, it is a film based on U.P. Politics and I play the character of ‘Sajid Akhtar Siddique’, a MLA.

FilmyTown: We have personally witnessed during the IFFI screening in Goa, you have actually received critical appreciation from the audience. What next?
Deepak: Being a novice in the world of Glamour, it took a lot of hard work, patience, perseverance and some luck to bring me where I am today within a short span of time. Although I have achieved a lot, there are still so many things that are yet to be achieved by me that would lead to me my ultimate goal of Stardom.

Keep it up dude…


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