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Will Risknamaa be banned like its predecessor ‘Gujjar Aandolan’?

Risknamaa to be banned

There is a likelihood that writer-director Gurjar Aarun Nagar’s RISKNAMAA could be banned purely due to its shockingly-bold subject. Gurjar Aarun Nagar’s previous outing with GUJJAR AANDOLAN which was about the Gujjar agitation had met with heavy criticism by the patriarchal section of the society as it dealt with the outdated practices of the administration.

Unperturbed by the criticism, Gurjar Aarun Nagar has announced RISKNAMAA’s release date of 15 March with its release partner PVR VKAO, though industry sources mention about it being banned due to its controversial subject and its contemporary content.

The film is about the most feared Sarpanch who has issued rules for his community in par with the Khap Panchayat laws. If any individual is found to be in love with other person then he would face death sentence. With the implementation of this order, several young boys and girls had to face the wrath of death sentence.

However, things do take a turn of events such that this very dictator of such a law one day finds himself falling in love. He is in love with his younger brother’s wife. This very subject is bound to raise eyebrows within the community.

Gurjar Aarun Nagar’s earlier film had the backdrop of Gujjar Agitation that was banned in Rajasthan. There is much likelihood that RISKNAMAA too could face the same consequences, no doubt the film sets an example of an ideal contemporary story and subject.

Sachin Gurjar plays a double role in the film which also has a cast of Pramod Moutho, Shahbaaz Khan, Garima Agrawal, Anupama Prakash, Khyati Sharma, Javed Hyder and Ravi Verma.

RISKNAMAA is co-produced by Priyanka Gurjar, Kirti Gurjar, Mahaveer Fauji, Ravi Sharma and its associate producers are Sandeep Khar, Shivang Khari, Indrani Tyari, Sushil Tyagi, Pravin Nagar, Pravin Bansala and Dheeraj Kumar.

– With inputs from OneUp Relations PR Agency.

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