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Devroop speaks about his upcoming Marathi film ‘Befikre’

Devroop Sharma in Befikre

Devroop Murli Sharma is the story, screenplay and dialogue writer of this family entertainer BEFIKRE, and he has also acted in it!

“Since childhood I was born into this industry with Dev Sahab (Dev Anand) suggested my father this name with most of my childhood was spent on the sets on the day and filmy parties in the evening,” says this lad who was in Ruparel College for Arts in Matunga and then graduated in Bachelors in Mass Media in Advertising from Kirti College.

This bundle of talent has passed the two years course from The Academy of Theatre Arts that taught him what and how actually the script of a play or a movie is conceived, built and then polished. They had mentors like Vijay Kenkre, Shifat Khan, Waman Kendre for acting, Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi who had a few lectures who moulded this art within me.

“Since the last 12 years or so, I have been experimenting till now in choreography, screenplay writer, dialogue writer and acting and then I also realised that there was a poet within me. I am looking myself as an actor first and foremost while I don’t want to stop on writing and choreography. I relate myself to theatre to the core,” speaks the screenplay, dialogue writer and an actor in the film Befikre.

The story of BEFIKRE is about basically what all happens to you in college. This is the story of four boy students where there are girls who come into their life and there are other friends too.

It is a contemporary story with a lot of humour attached to it. People would want to go to theatres to see the light way of telling story of college youth.

“I play the college Bhai, who is also a Bhai outside. He does create hindrances for the college students, while there are many occasions where there are hindrances created by other important characters in his life. He is seen somebody as a fun loving guy and can turn serious if the situation is averse to his liking,” reveals Devroop.

Does the film carry any message?
This is a clean family oriented film that carries a message for the youth of today. Being the writer of the film, I have seen to it that I can watch the film with my family and friends.
We made sure that humour sticks to what it is at most of the times in the film which usually are situational comedy. Its highly entertaining and highly engaging. I feature in a song ‘Tu ekda haa bol na’ which is a Valentines song. There are four other songs on friendship, humour, title song.

A bit more about the film BEFIKRE.
Pranay Adangade is the director of the film. It also does have Hindi in it. With the film being made keeping the youth not only in Maharashtra but all other parts of India.

What are your other upcoming projects?
I am writing a Hindi film story which is a father-son relationship. I am writing the story, screenplay and dialogues of this upcoming film.
I have also written a series for Trice Entertainment which is based around food. It was a fun thing. I am looking forward to writing to lyrics too.

Ten years here on, which department of film-making would you like to master?
Majorly, I would say in acting while I will keep myself creatively involved in writing, lyrics writing and even choreography.

What is important in a film… is it the story writer, director, the actors, screenplay writer, songs or music?
I would never say that it is one particular department because even the technicians are also pivotal to the film. At the end of the day it is that without teamwork, nothing is possible. What has gone wrong is that fame has only gone to the actors while the other actual heroes of the film are never appreciated.

Let me add one more thing here is that the conceptualization of the project begins with the writer who begins from zero. He has all the creative freedom to develop and finalize the story. The writer is the one who always has the Godly feeling that I am creating something and so it is! But again he is the most responsible person in the project as if the film clicks or fails it is the story and screenplay writer who has to bear the responsibility as he is the soul of the film, director is the heart, body would be the actors and the eyes would be the cinematographer of the film. Each part is vital for the body to stand on its own.

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