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Vaibhav Gattani, Apoorv Kumar upbeat about their upcoming film VOID

Vaibhav Gattani and Apoorv Kumar

A civil engineer turned self-taught filmmaker Vaibhav Gattani has made a name for himself at various International film festivals having made 8 short films prior to plunging into a feature film VOID that releases on 6th of May on the OTT platform Vimeo on Demand. Among these, he considers FATALITY and KARMA among the best of them.

He humbly admits, “After these shorts, I wanted to increase my level and desired to assist any established Bollywood director. Hence I approached several production houses with my portfolio, but I realized that to get into the slot one needed contacts, which unfortunately I didn’t have. This phase educated me that if one intends to make a film, there isn’t anything like a big or small film, and there isn’t anyone stopping you. My dad encouraged me to pursue my dreams and hence I am here with my first feature film under my banner ICESCAPE FILMS.”

VOID (96 minutes) is a slow burn film about Rhea, a married woman who in her pathological obsession to conceive through her own womb, is willing to do anything and everything; even be witness to a fatal culmination. When medical science has no answer for Rhea’s infertility, she is left with no option but to go for supernatural interventions.

How far would a doting father sacrifice his ethics just for his daughter’s happiness?

Vaibhav Gattani is the producer, director, co-writer, DOP and the editor in this film as he wanted to fund this film entirely on his personal resources. Vaibhav also plays the character of the husband of the protagonist Abhijeet, who does not seem to share his wife’s obsession for a child, though he suggests both assisted reproduction and adoption as alternatives. But she is not interested.

Instead this desperate woman seeks help from a Tantrik, much to her husband’s disapproval and proceeds to resort to help from black magic. The climax reveals whether Rhea is able to achieve her goals, and at what cost?

The film was shot in two locations in Indore and Sangli and Vaibhav carried out extensive research of those who have experienced the spell of the Tantriks (Black Magic).

Also present at the press conference was actor Apoorv Kumar who plays Vivek in the film. Apoorv has been trained from The Jeff Goldberg Studio and NY Film Academy in Los Angeles, USA. This is his first ever role in a feature film and now audience will see him in Luv Ranjan’s upcoming film starring Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. His music video ‘Dynamite’ with Dhvani Bhanushali has just been released.

VOID is a film for niche audience and the real story is about the perplexities of human relation and behavior,” feels Vaibhav Gattani who is influenced by filmmakers James Franco, Paul Thomas Anderson and is a die hard fan of American filmmaker David Fincher.

“On surface Void would appear about Rhea’s journey towards conception, but the narrative is about the perplexities of human nature and behavior,” explained the debutante director Vaibhav Gattani.

Yuvradnyee, Vaibhav Gattani, Sanya Sagar, Apoorv Kumar and Deepak Bhasi play pivotal characters in Void that releases on 6 May 2022.

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